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Natalie Rab­son (left) is a mar­ket­ing man­ager at Bos­ton City Cam­pus and Busi­ness Col­lege. We in­ter­viewed her on be­com­ing a suc­cess es­pe­cially as a wo­man, con­sid­er­ing the fact that it is Women’s month. We know that you, as a reader, are as­pi­ra­tional and un­der­stand that you are em­pow­ered to con­trol your own des­tiny.We want to mo­ti­vate the reader to im­prove his/her­life and to be­come the very best ver­sion of your­self – to reach your full po­ten­tial and even­tu­ally be suc­cess­ful.

What is suc­cess? “Suc­cess is set­ting your goals and reach­ing them”, Natalie says. “When you set goals out of the range of your nor­mal daily be­hav­iour and you reach your goals, then that’s suc­cess.” So in other words, in or­der to at­tain suc­cess you need to get out of your com­fort zone, which in­cludes do­ing things that you don’t reg­u­larly do on a daily ba­sis and chal­lenge your­self to reach your goals. You can start small by plan­ning out your daily or weekly goals in the morn­ing. En­sure that they’re not any­thing too far out of reach, chal­lenge your­self to reach these goals so that you get your­self used to achieve suc­cess. You’re more than wel­come to re­ward your­self after­wards.

There are dif­fer­ent at­tributes you will need to have in or­der to reach suc­cess. “An at­tribute you would need es­pe­cially in a busi­ness cor­po­rate is con­fi­dence”, Natalie said. “I love be­ing around all kinds of peo­ple, both old and young, I love help­ing peo­ple and see­ing other peo­ple’s suc­cess”, she added. Hav­ing con­fi­dence in your­self is one of the ma­jor keys to suc­cess and reach­ing your goals. You will have to be­lieve in your­self and see your­self reach­ing that goal be­fore­hand. If you don’t be­lieve in your­self then how will you ex­pect other peo­ple to be­lieve in you?

In ad­di­tion, be­ing self­less will help you a lot es­pe­cially in terms of con­nec­tions, you may never know when you would need some­one’s help in fu­ture.

One of the things that keeps Natalie go­ing ev­ery­day is see­ing the growth in other peo­ple day by day, year by year. “I don’t think there’s a bet­ter job sat­is­fac­tion than watch­ing peo­ple grow and be­lieve in them­selves” she said.So don’t be dis­ap­pointed when things don’t re­ally go your way at times. You can ac­tu­ally use other peo­ple’s suc­cess sto­ries as your mo­ti­va­tion and try to take up as much ad­vice as pos­si­ble.

Natalie Rab­son is in the po­si­tion she is in to­day be­cause of her de­sire to get the job done. She said, “Even if it means stay­ing up late or stay­ing af­ter hours, it’s about get­ting the job done no mat­ter what!” Again, do not give up on your goals no mat­ter how rough things look for you.You should go for it, whether it ends good or bad, it’s still an ex­pe­ri­ence.

“You’ve got to set your­self goals but not limit in your head and say that

“I’m a wo­man so there­fore I can’t get to that spot’’, don’t set your goals lower be­cause you’re a wo­man. Set your goals right at the top where you want to be.” This is a piece of ad­vice that she pro­vided for younger women.

“Un­for­tu­nately be­cause you’re a wo­man you go­ing to have to work harder and be bolder. You’re en­ti­tledto earn as much as a man, you have to put your­self for­ward and say ‘‘That’s how much this job pays and I want to earn that amount of money.” You have to speak up for your­self and fight for what you want., Be nice to ev­ery­body. Both above, be­low you and next to you.”

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