Bos­ton in­vests in South Africa’s fu­ture

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Grit, de­fined as the com­bi­na­tion of pas­sion and per­se­ver­ance for a sin­gu­larly im­por­tant goal is the hall­mark of high achiev­ers. This is ac­cord­ing to psy­chol­o­gist An­gela Duck­worth who has done in-depth stud­ies on what makes peo­ple suc­cess­ful.

Dr Rob Stegmann is Se­nior Aca­demic in the Depart­ment of Aca­demic Plan­ning and De­vel­op­ment at Bos­ton City Cam­pus & Busi­ness Col­lege sit­u­ated in Stel­len­bosch, the Aca­demic Head Of­fice. Ac­cord­ing to Stegmann, “At Bos­ton, we have wit­nessed stu­dents who have that grit and over­come ob­sta­cles and push through to grad­u­ate. How­ever, there are those stu­dents that have all the in­gre­di­ents for suc­cess but are pre­cluded from achiev­ing a higher ed­u­ca­tion qual­i­fi­ca­tion due to lackof fi­nan­cial sup­port”.

Stegmann main­tains that ed­u­ca­tion is too im­por­tant for the growth and de­vel­op­ment of in­di­vid­u­als and South Africa to be hin­dered by fi­nan­cial re­straints. So the team at Bos­ton set about to create a so­lu­tion that would as­sist all stu­dents. “We be­lieve that gritty prospec­tive stu­dents that are com­mit­ted to mak­ing a go at life, by ap­ply­ing to Bos­ton, de­serve to be given an op­por­tu­nity to suc­ceed. We needed to find a way to make that hap­pen,” he says.

So, in the spirit of Ubuntu—a per­son is a per­son through other peo­ple—Bos­ton has com­mit­ted to part­ner­ing fi­nan­cially with prospec­tive stu­dents to fa­cil­i­tate growth and de­vel­op­ment both per­son­ally and for South Africa as a coun­try. Stegmann ex­plains how this will work prac­ti­cally. “This in­vest­ment will mean that prospec­tive stu­dents en­rolling in one of the many Higher Cer­tifi­cates on of­fer at Bos­ton will get a chance to pur­sue their dreams and take own­er­ship of their fu­tures. Bos­ton will in­vest up to a third of the fees for a Higher Cer­tifi­cate and stu­dents will be re­quired to con­trib­ute the re­main­ing fees (with flex­i­ble pay­ment op­tions)”. He con­tin­ues, “I be­lieve that in this pro­gramme Bos­ton stands out as ab­so­lutely unique amongst the Higher Ed­u­ca­tion providers in South Africa”.

Stegmann’s pas­sion for ed­u­cat­ing the youth shows. “South Africa’s fu­ture is too im­por­tant not to make this in­vest­ment. The re­wards for stu­dents and so­ci­ety are in­cal­cu­la­ble. Re­search has shown that over­com­ing the ob­sta­cles that lack of fi­nances pose for stu­dents pur­su­ing higher ed­u­ca­tion makes a sig­nif­i­cant im­pact on the psy­cho-so­cial well-be­ing of stu­dents and has a pos­i­tive ef­fect on the suc­cess­ful com­ple­tion of one’s stud­ies. In turn, the im­pact on the broader so­ci­ety is also no­tice­able; grad­u­ates who find em­ploy­ment not only make a con­tri­bu­tion to the econ­omy, but be­come bill­boards for the trans­for­ma­tive power of ed­u­ca­tion”.

Grit is im­por­tant to get you started, but grit alone can’t get you over the fin­ish line. At Bos­ton, we be­lieve that our in­vest­ment in stu­dents with an NSC (Higher Cer­tifi­cate en­dorse­ment) ap­ply­ing for any of our Higher Cer­tifi­cates have the grit but just need some added fi­nan­cial as­sis­tance to reach their dreams and make an im­pact on South Africa.

About Bos­ton:

Bos­ton is a multi-award win­ning ter­tiary ed­u­ca­tion in­sti­tu­tion that has been around for over twenty-five years and has ac­quired the rep­u­ta­tion of not just ed­u­cat­ing stu­dents in their cho­sen ca­reer paths but ed­u­cat­ing them for life.

Bos­ton of­fers many pro­grammes and qual­i­fi­ca­tion op­tions, in­clud­ing de­grees, a post­grad­u­ate qual­i­fi­ca­tion, diplo­mas and higher cer­tifi­cates, oc­cu­pa­tional and short pro­grammes, mak­ing sure there is a ca­reer op­tion for al­most ev­ery stu­dent.

Bos­ton also of­fers per­son­alised sup­port to its ex­ten­sive stu­dent body, through its net­work of over 45 sup­port cen­tres in South Africa or the op­tion to study from home or work.

Bos­ton’s holis­tic ap­proach to ed­u­ca­tion val­ues the im­por­tance of “real world ex­pe­ri­ence,” mak­ing life great for Bos­ton stu­dents by open­ing up pos­si­bil­i­ties be­yond their qual­i­fi­ca­tion, lo­cally and abroad.

Upon com­ple­tion of a Higher Cer­tifi­cate, grad­u­ates may seek en­try for ad­mis­sion to an Ad­vanced Cer­tifi­cate, Diploma or Bach­e­lor’s de­gree. Flex­i­ble pay­ment plans are avail­able. Text­books are in­cluded in the fees, and there is no ap­pli­ca­tion fee.

Dr Rob Stegmann

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