Kick Off



Brian Baloyi

Brian was someone who made you comfortabl­e as a teammate. He put extra effort in his game which is why he excelled. He was one of those players you didn’t want to disappoint.

Mark Fish

Mark was not that different to Dan in the sense that he was also technicall­y gifted despite being a defender. He used to move up front and join the attack whenever necessary.

Lucas Radebe

When you looked at Lucas off the field, you would have thought that he was quiet on it, but his instructio­ns were firm and straight to the point. If he gave pep talk, it meant that you did something wrong.

Gift Kampamba

Gift played more like Thabo Mooki, he was that kind of a player. He would never shout or say anything – he would just point where he wanted the ball to be played.

Roger Feutmba

Roger was out of this world in terms of playing passes or creating chances for strikers. He was more like Zinedine Zidane. If he had the ball at his feet, you knew that his pass would find you.

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