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Abram Majok’s internatio­nal career has been hanging in the air for the past three years when he was first called up for the South Sudanese national team. He turned down the call-up at the time as he was earning caps with the Australian Under-23 squad. When he ultimately accepted the call-up from his native country last year against Jordan, the game didn’t go ahead after an outbreak of covid in their camp.

He has only then made his debut recently against Djibouti in the 2023 AFCON qualifiers.

“I’m sure you are aware that you remain eligible until you make your senior debut,” Majok says. “I played for Australia at junior level but now that I will be 24 soon, I chose my roots in my father’s land. I prefer to play for my people in South Sudan, which is why I have honoured the call-up. I know I was called up to play against Jordan but couldn’t make my debut due to things that were out of my control in the coronaviru­s when we had an outbreak in our team and couldn’t play.

“Choosing South Sudan wasn’t because I realised I had lesser chances of playing for Australia. For me a national team is more about playing for your people and there is nothing more important than that. “Although I was born in Kenya, I’m from South Sudan and this is the only right for me to do for the sake of my family. Sadio Mane is a star but still plays for his country and so why shouldn’t I do the same? “When I was younger, I rejected the call-ups to South Sudan because I didn’t understand what it meant. I have now made my preference,” says Majok.

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