Ma­di­ba’s Zel­da wows at Pe­zu­la on­ce a­gain

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Nel­son Man­de­la’s for­mer pri­va­te se­cre­ta­ry Zel­da la Gran­ge was a­gain a hit at the re­cent Pe­zu­la Cap­tain’s Din­ner, ha­ving ad­dres­sed t­his sa­me functi­on four y­e­ars ago.

She de­lig­h­ted her au­dien­ce with sto­ries of her ti­me with the la­te sta­tes­man, and it was ple­a­sing to no­te that the new le­a­ders­hip chan­ges in our coun­try are so­mething that would ha­ve ple­a­sed Man­de­la gre­at­ly, ac­cor­ding to her.

Zel­da re­cal­led how pre­si­dent Man­de­la was an ab­so­lu­te stickler for ti­me, and was ne­ver la­te for a meet­ing. The sa­me prin­ci­ple ap­p­lied to a­nyo­ne who ar­ri­ved la­te for a meet­ing with him, and she re­coun­ted a meet­ing at which Ro­bert Mu­ga­be ar­ri­ved an hour la­te, and he was cor­rected in the hars­hest way pos­si­ble.

In 1999, pre­si­dent Man­de­la hand-pic­ked Zel­da from his per­so­nal s­taff to re­main in his ser­vi­ces beyond re­ti­re­ment. He be­ca­me a “se­cond fat­her” to her, and she still gets e­mo­ti­o­nal w­hen spea­king a­bout him.

In Ju­ne 2014, Zel­da pu­blis­hed her me­moirs en­tit­led “Good Mor­ning Mr Man­de­la”. The book is an in­ter­na­ti­o­nal be­st­sel­ler and is in its 12th print. In Fe­bru­a­ry 2016, New York-ba­sed Ma­ven

Pic­tu­res obtai­ned the rig­hts of the book for a­dap­ta­ti­on in­to film. S­ha­wn Slo­vo (daug­h­ter of an­ti-a­part­heid st­rug­gle heroes Joe Slo­vo and Ruth First) is cur­rent­ly de­ve­lo­ping the script.

Da­vid Kidd, Pe­zu­la’s club cap­tain, said: “It’s the clo­sest I e­ver got to Ma­di­ba, but she did him proud and ma­de our e­ve­ning me­mo­ra­ble.” –

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Pe­zu­la mem­bers Si­mon E­rik­sen, Ru­pi Pu­ri and Al­bert M­cLe­an (chair) to­get­her with spon­sors for the nig­ht, Mar­co Gal­li­zio re­pre­sen­ting Dyn­as­ty We­alth.

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Pe­zu­la Club cap­tain Da­vid Kidd, with Zel­da la Gran­ge.

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