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Wa­tch out

T­heft out of mo­tor vehi­cles is a­gain on the in­cre­a­se. P­le­a­se en­s­u­re you le­a­ve no­thing in your vehi­cles and, w­he­re pos­si­ble, park in a loc­ked and a­lar­med ga­ra­ge


T­HEFT - MAR­KET STR (T­hurs 15 March @ 02h48) - All­sound of­fi­cer ap­pre­hen­ded a sus­pect in pos­ses­si­on of sto­len i­tems. O­w­ner was con­tacted but de­cli­ned to o­pen a ca­se. Sus­pect was re­le­a­sed.

BURGLARY - NEWTON STR (T­hurs 15 March @ 14h48) - C­lient pho­ned to re­port a bre­ak-in at the hou­se and ga­ve des­crip­ti­on of sus­pect fleeing from the pro­per­ty. All­sound Of­fi­cers re­spon­ded and ap­pre­hen­ded the sus­pect. Ca­se was o­pe­ned and sus­pect was char­ged. SEE OUR FA­CE­BOOK PA­GE FOR MO­RE IN­FO BURGLARY - NEL­SON STR (T­hurs 15 March @ 22h26) - All­sound guards re­por­ted that 2 sus­pects bro­ke in­to a shop and fled. All­sound Of­fi­cers re­spon­ded and ap­pre­hen­ded one of the sus­pects. Sto­len goods we­re re­co­ve­r­ed and sus­pect was han­ded o­ver to SAPS.

ATT T­HEFT - LONG STR (Sat 17 March @ 05h04) - All­sound CCTV o­pe­ra­tor no­ti­ced 2 men being cha­sed on CCTV ca­me­ra in Main Ro­ad. Of­fi­cers re­spon­ded and as­sis­ted a man who re­por­ted that 2 sus­pects tried to ste­al hu­bcaps from par­ked ve­hi­cle. Sus­pects had di­sap­pea­red, no­thing was sto­len. T­HEFT - MAIN STR (Sat 17 March @ 11h39) - Mem­ber of the pu­blic re­por­ted that a sus­pect caug­ht on CCTV foota­ge for t­heft was seen at Was­te by Rail. All­sound Of­fi­cer re­spon­ded, sus­pect was ap­pre­hen­ded and i­den­ti­fied. Ca­se was o­pe­ned and sus­pect char­ged with t­heft. SHOPLIFTING - MAIN STR (Sat 17 March @ 14h47) - All­sound guard ap­pre­hen­ded a sus­pect in pos­ses­si­on of se­ver­al i­tems shop­lif­ted from va­ri­ous sto­res. Sus­pect was han­ded o­ver to SAPS but la­ter re­le­a­sed. BURGLARY - LONG STR (Sun 18 March @ 22h16) - All­sound Of­fi­cer ap­pre­hen­ded a sus­pect in pos­ses­si­on of sto­len i­tems lin­ked to a bre­ak-in at sto­re room. Sus­pect was ar­res­ted and char­ged by SAPS. BURGLARY AND M.V. BRE­AK-IN LAKEVIEW DR(Mon 19 March @ 04h42) - Re­si­dent re­por­ted a bre­ak-in at his flat. No­thing mis­sing but ve­hi­cle and se­ver­al ot­her a­part­ments had been tar­ge­ted. A car ra­dio was con­fir­med sto­len. SAPS we­re on si­te to o­pen ca­ses.

ATTEMPTED T­HEFT - GRAHAM STR (Tu­es 20 March @ 12h38) - C­lient pho­ned to re­port sus­pect on pre­mi­ses who tried to ste­al a gas bott­le but fled w­hen he was dis­tur­bed. A clo­thing des­crip­ti­on was pro­vi­ded and a­rea was se­ar­ched. No one found


BURGLARY - BOEKENHOUT STR (Fri 16 March @ 02h40) - Of­fi­cers we­re dis­pa­t­ched to pa­nic a­larm. Sus­pect bro­ke win­dow and grab­bed a lap­top bag. W­hen the o­w­ner pres­sed the pa­nic, sus­pect drop­ped the bag and fled.

SHOPLIFTING - HO­LI­DAY CRESC (Fri 16 March @ 18h43) - C­lient te­lep­ho­ned to re­port that a sus­pect was ap­pre­hen­ded for shoplifting. SAPS we­re no­ti­fied and a ca­se was o­pe­ned.

BURGLARY - SUNVALLEY DR (Sat 17 March @ 14h55) - C­lient re­por­ted a bre­ak-in at her ga­ra­ge. Lock had been for­ced o­pen but no­thing vi­si­bly mis­sing. No ca­se o­pe­ned. AGGRAVATED ROBBERY - MAIN STR (Sun 18 March @ 03h24) - All­sound Of­fi­cer was stop­ped by 2 gent­le­men who re­por­ted they we­re rob­bed at kni­fe­point ne­ar the pro­vin­ci­al hos­pi­tal. The 2 sus­pects sto­le cel­lp­ho­nes and wal­lets. No clo­thing des­crip­ti­on was a­vai­la­ble. One of the sus­pects was la­ter i­den­ti­fied by All­sound Of­fi­cers w­hen he tried to use the sto­len bank cards. Sus­pect was ap­pre­hen­ded the fol­lo­wing day.


BU­SI­NESS ROBBERY - MEEU STR (Fri 16 March @ 13h35) - Of­fi­cers we­re dis­pa­t­ched to pa­nic sig­nal and re­por­ted ar­med robbery. S­taff in­for­med of­fi­cers that ar­med as­sai­lants en­te­red the pre­mi­ses, thre­a­tened them at gun­point and ma­de off with cash and 2 cel­lp­ho­nes. In­for­ma­ti­on re­gar­ding a pos­si­ble ge­ta­way ve­hi­cle was sup­p­lied. SAPS we­re no­ti­fied and sce­ne was se­cu­red for in­ves­ti­ga­ti­on.


BURGLARY - HO­PE STR (T­hurs 15 March @ 12h30) - Con­t­rol Room o­pe­ra­tor no­ti­ced a man running do­wn the ro­ad on CCTV foota­ge. Vehi­cles we­re dis­pa­t­ched and a­rea sur­roun­ded. Sus­pect was ap­pre­hen­ded and sto­len weed e­a­ter re­co­ve­r­ed. VI­SIT OUR FA­CE­BOOK PA­GE FOR MO­RE IN­FO


BURGLARY - WELBEDACHT RD (Tu­es 20 March @ 00h58) - Of­fi­cers re­spon­ded to a­larm sig­nal. O­w­ner con­fir­med kit­chen door was s­tan­ding o­pen and ga­ra­ge had al­so been bro­ken in­to. A chain­saw was re­co­ve­r­ed in the pro­per­ty which sus­pect had drop­ped w­hen a­larm trig­ge­red. No ca­se was o­pe­ned at the ti­me.


Me­di­cal / ge­ne­ral as­sis­tan­ce - 2; do­mes­tic dis­pu­tes / noi­se dis­tur­ban­ces - 8; sus­pi­ci­ous per­sons / ve­hi­cle reports - 14; as­sis­tan­ce with va­grant re­mo­val / tres­pas­sers - 2; noi­ses on pro­per­ty / a­gi­ta­ted dogs - 2

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