Boy (11) sa­va­ged by dogs

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I won’t le­a­ve the mat­ter as it is. T­he­se dog o­w­ners must pay for w­hat hap­pe­ned

A dog at­tack in one of Knys­na’s in­for­mal a­re­as has left an 11-y­e­ar-old boy in a very se­ri­ous con­di­ti­on. T­he­ha­no Da­man from Jood­se­kamp was, ac­cor­ding to his mot­her Me­lo­nie Da­man, on his way to friends on

Hu­man Rig­hts Day (Wed­nes­day 21 March) w­hen two pit bulls sud­den­ly ca­me out of bus­hes ne­ar­by and at­tac­ked him so se­ver­e­ly that he has a long ro­ad to re­co­ve­ry a­he­ad of him. Knys­na A­ni­mal Wel­fa­re So­cie­ty (KAWS) of­fi­ce ma­na­ger Re­tha Ha­ven­ga has sin­ce con­fir­med that both dogs we­re im­me­di­a­te­ly put do­wn af­ter their o­w­ner was told that “t­his should ne­ver ha­ve hap­pe­ned and could ne­ver hap­pen a­gain”.

A ca­se has al­so sin­ce been o­pe­ned a­gainst the dogs’ o­w­ner. Knys­na po­li­ce spo­kes­per­son Ser­ge­ant Chris S­pies has con­fir­med that the boy’s mot­her laid a char­ge on Sa­tur­day 24 March. “A ca­se of as­sault with in­ten­ti­on to com­mit grie­vous bo­di­ly harm was o­pe­ned,” he says. The mat­ter is now being in­ves­ti­ga­ted by Knys­na po­li­ce.

Drag­ged and rip­ped

Da­man re­counts her son’s or­de­al: “He told me they drag­ged him al­ong the ground and bit him so bad­ly that chunks of his rig­ht leg and left thigh/but­tock we­re rip­ped out. They e­ven tried going for his fa­ce but T­he­ha­no said he was a­ble to keep them a­way, alt­hough he does ha­ve a bi­te mark on his cheek,” says Da­man.

The Knys­na-P­lett He­rald has p­ho­tos de­picting T­he­ha­no’s in­ju­ries, but t­he­se are so graphi­cal­ly gru­e­so­me that they are not suit­a­ble for pu­bli­ca­ti­on.

Da­man says two boys had co­me to call her that day and told her of T­he­ha­no’s at­tack.

“The com­mu­ni­ty had al­re­a­dy cal­led the am­bu­lan­ce by that ti­me and I wai­ted for them by the si­de of the ro­ad. W­hen we got to T­he­ha­no he was lying on his back. He told me, through his own te­ars, that I shouldn’t cry and that I should be s­trong,” she re­calls.

Af­ter being sta­bi­li­sed at Knys­na Pro­vin­ci­al Hos­pi­tal he was trans­fer­red to Ge­or­ge Hos­pi­tal.

Two o­pe­ra­ti­ons al­re­a­dy, mo­re to co­me

In Ge­or­ge, says Da­man, the bra­ve litt­le boy had two o­pe­ra­ti­ons to re­mo­ve de­ad and pos­si­bly in­fected skin and tis­sue and to c­le­an the wounds be­fo­re being ta­ken to the Red Cross War Me­mo­ri­al C­hild­ren’s Hos­pi­tal in Ca­pe Town on Mon­day 26 March for furt­her tre­at­ment.

Ac­cor­ding to Da­man her son is cur­rent­ly in a lot of pain, but he is being a “he­ro” through it all.

“The doc­tors told me they will be u­sing skin from el­se­w­he­re on T­he­ha­no’s bo­dy to co­ver his wounds. T­he­ha­no will still ha­ve to un­der­go so­me big o­pe­ra­ti­ons,” she says.

“I am going through a lot of pain ha­ving to wa­tch my son suf­fer li­ke t­his. He is a fig­h­ter and I won’t le­a­ve the mat­ter as it is. T­he­se dog o­w­ners must pay for w­hat hap­pe­ned. Their y­ard isn’t e­ven pro­per­ly en­clo­sed,” she says.

T­he­se claims will form part of the po­li­ce in­ves­ti­ga­ti­on.

P­ho­tos: Sup­p­lied

T­he­ha­no Da­man was at­tac­ked by two dogs in Jood­se­kamp, Knys­na on Hu­man Rig­hts Day, 21 March.

T­he­ha­no Da­man from Jood­se­kamp is cur­rent­ly in the Red Cross War Me­mo­ri­al C­hild­ren’s Hos­pi­tal in Ca­pe Town w­he­re he will un­der­go furt­her sur­ge­ry.

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