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Ai­mee Can­ny, our local swim­ming s­tar, as­toun­ded all a­gain at the SA Ju­ni­or Na­ti­o­nal C­ham­pi­ons­hip at Kings Park in Dur­ban from 21 to 25 March, with mul­ti­ple me­dals and a South A­fri­can re­cord.

The 14-y­e­ar-old Oak­hill Gra­de 8 le­ar­ner is co­a­ched in­de­pen­dent­ly by Grant Fer­gu­son and has been pro­spe­ring sin­ce star­ting swim­ming with him in Gra­de 1. De­s­ti­ned for gre­at heig­hts al­re­a­dy, Ai­mee a­chie­ved gold in the 50m and 100m free­sty­le with the fas­test ti­me a­cross all age groups at the Ju­ni­or Na­ti­o­nal C­hamps. Most no­ta­bly, Ai­mee has be­a­ten the SA age group re­cord with 57.31 for the 100m free­sty­le! She al­so took gold in 200m free­sty­le, sil­ver in 50m bre­as­t­stro­ke and bron­ze in 200m bre­as­t­stro­ke.

Knys­na Dra­gons and co­ach Grant Fer­gu­son say t­hey are “ex­tre­me­ly proud of Ai­mee and look for­ward to her ex­ci­ting fu­tu­re in swim­ming”.

Oak­hill S­chool and the Knys­na com­mu­ni­ty are ex­cep­ti­o­nal­ly proud of our ex­tra­or­di­na­ry swim­ming s­tar.

Ai­mee hum­bly says that she is fo­cu­sing on her “short-term go­als for now” and has de­ci­ded to do a hand­ful of ra­ces at the se­ni­or na­ti­o­nal c­ham­pi­ons­hip at Ne­w­ton Park in Port E­li­za­beth o­ver from 23 to 28 A­pril.

We wish Ai­mee all the be­st as she swims al­ongs­i­de in­ter­na­ti­o­nal c­ham­pi­ons Ca­me­ron van der Burgh, C­had le Clos and “the fe­ma­le swim­ming i­dols” E­rin Gal­lag­her and Em­ma C­he­li­us w­hom she al­so en­joy­ed meet­ing at the Grand P­rix in S­tel­len­bosch re­cent­ly.

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Oak­hill le­ar­ner Ai­mee Can­ny and co­ach Grant Fer­gu­son at the Ju­ni­or Na­ti­o­nals 2018 w­he­re she won gold, sil­ver and bron­ze a­wards.

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