Wa­ter a­wa­re­ness: star­ting young

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To ce­le­bra­te Na­ti­o­nal Wa­ter Week, Knys­na Mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty’s en­vi­ron­men­tal ma­na­ge­ment de­part­ment hos­ted a num­ber of e­du­ca­ti­o­nal acti­vi­ties at local p­ri­ma­ry and high s­chools. This y­e­ar, Na­ti­o­nal Wa­ter Week was ce­le­bra­ted from 18 to 24 March with the the­me “Access to sa­fe wa­ter by 2030 – pos­si­ble through na­tu­re”.

“E­ver­yo­ne can ma­ke a dif­fe­ren­ce; in­clu­ding child­ren. It does not mat­ter how big or small the ef­fort. We need to start at an e­ar­ly age on be­ha­vi­ou­ral chan­ge in re­la­ti­on to wa­ter con­ser­va­ti­on. I am glad that the de­part­ment has tar­ge­ted young pe­op­le for this cam­paign,” says coun­cil­lor Le­va­el Da­vis.

Acti­vi­ties in­clu­ded a gui­ded tour of the wa­ter tre­at­ment works on 22 March for Con­cor­dia High S­chool le­ar­ners, and on 26 March, le­ar­ners from Fraai­sig, Horn­lee and Sun­rid­ge p­ri­ma­ry s­chools we­re tre­a­ted to a fun-fil­led e­du­ca­ti­o­nal the­a­t­re s­how. The pro­ducti­on fo­cu­sed on wa­ter con­ser­va­ti­on.

Da­vis said, “We would li­ke to re­mind our re­si­dents that wa­ter re­stricti­ons are still in pla­ce. We ap­pe­al to re­si­dents to use wa­ter spa­ringly and to help us ex­tend the a­vai­la­bi­li­ty of the ex­is­ting sup­ply of wa­ter,” says Da­vis.

Na­ti­o­nal Wa­ter Week is an a­wa­re­ness cam­paign that ser­ves as a po­wer­ful me­cha­nism rei­te­ra­ting the va­lue of wa­ter, the need for sus­tai­na­ble ma­na­ge­ment of this scar­ce re­sour­ce, and the cri­ti­cal ro­le a­de­qua­te wa­ter sup­ply plays in our com­mu­ni­ties.

Fraai­sig P­ri­ma­ry le­a­ners en­joying the the­a­t­re pro­ducti­on on 26 March.

Horn­lee P­ri­ma­ry S­chool le­ar­ners en­joying the the­a­t­re pro­ducti­on on 26 March.

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