New beds for Hos­pi­ce

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The Ro­ta­ry Club of Knys­na has been hel­ping to sup­port Knys­na Hos­pi­ce for a num­ber of y­e­ars. Last y­e­ar t­hey hel­ped with the up­gra­de of their front of­fi­ce and this y­e­ar, t­hey ha­ve pro­vi­ded them with two new pa­tient beds for out­pa­tients. In the past, se­cond­hand, up­gra­ded e­lec­tric beds ha­ve been pur­cha­sed and it was for the­se that the funds we­re do­na­ted. Ho­we­ver, w­hen it ca­me ti­me to pur­cha­se the beds, t­hey we­re no lon­ger a­vai­la­ble. Hos­pi­ce then dis­co­ve­r­ed that for the sa­me p­ri­ce t­hey could ha­ve two new ma­nu­al beds, in­clu­ding mat­tres­ses and si­de­bars, which did not co­me with the e­lec­tric beds. This me­ans t­hey now ha­ve two new, ful­ly functi­o­ning hos­pi­tal beds to lend to so­me of their out­pa­tients. With the two beds are (front from left) Te­re­sa Pe­dro, Kay­le­ne Chris­ti­ans, Ca­ro­li­ne Wit­booi, Ger­da Nel, (back) Ju­lie S­taub and Kim Jou­bert.

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