Ex­ci­ting fes­ti­val this month in Wil­der­ness

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Despi­te the un­for­tu­na­te can­cel­la­ti­on of Sed­ge­field’s Slow Fes­ti­val, vi­si­tors and re­si­dents of the Garden Route can still look for­ward to an ex­ci­ting fa­mi­ly-o­rien­ta­ted fes­ti­val, the Wil­der­ness Fes­ti­val, set to ta­ke pla­ce A­pril 13 to 15, du­ring the Eas­ter s­chool ho­li­days.

Wi­ne, chee­se and a wi­de ar­ray of dif­fe­rent food will re­main at the he­art of the fes­ti­val for its t­hi­rd y­e­ar in Wil­der­ness, but a wi­der se­lecti­on of ot­her tas­tes will be on of­fer this y­e­ar, li­ke craft beers, gin, wit­blits and mam­poer.

Hos­ted at The Wil­der­ness Ho­tel from A­pril 13 to 15, this y­e­ar’s fes­ti­val has a w­ho­le new set of tre­ats up its en­ter­tai­n­ment sleeve, in­clu­ding a vi­sit from na­ti­o­nal son­g­wri­ter, sin­ger and guit­a­rist Jes­se Jor­dan, who will. he­ad­li­ne 25 hours of mu­sic pro­vi­ded by local ar­tis­ts. The­re will al­so be a li­ve ra­dio bro­ad­cast from the fes­ti­val pre­sen­ted by Marq Roe­lof­se.

For tho­se who pre­fer new cars and bi­kes and the sounds of en­gi­nes to tho­se of guit­ars, the or­ga­ni­sers ha­ve a sur­pri­se that will be li­ke mu­sic to their e­ars – a new ex­pe­rien­ce for this y­e­ar’s fes­ti­val is the op­por­tu­ni­ty to en­joy dis­plays of the la­test Au­di and BMW vehi­cles and mo­tor­cy­cles, as well as new of­fe­rings from Peu­ge­ot and Citroen.

A­not­her at­tracti­on will be the va­ried art and craft exhi­bits, ran­ging from wood­work to le­at­her goods. And w­hi­le mom and dad are bu­sy wan­de­ring from stall to stall, tas­ting, en­joying the sounds, and ha­ving a good ti­me, their child­ren will be en­ter­tai­ned in a fen­ced­off a­rea w­he­re the en­ter­tai­n­ment in­clu­des pe­dal carts, a jum­ping cas­t­le, fa­ce pain­ting and tar­get paint­ball shoot­ing.

Tic­kets for a­dults include a wi­ne tas­ting glass and access to f­ree tas­tings.

Be p­re­pa­red

Tic­kets: a­dults R70; child­ren (12 to 17) R30; child­ren u12 f­ree – t­hey on­ly pay for acti­vi­ties in the child­ren’s en­ter­tai­n­ment a­rea. On­li­ne tic­kets: http://bit.ly/wild­fest-tic­kets

Fes­ti­val o­pen ti­mes: 13 A­pril, 14:00 to 22:00; 14 A­pril: 10:00 – 22:00; 15 A­pril: 10:00 – 16:00

Mo­re in­fo: www.wild­fes­ti­val.co.za / Fa­ce­book/Wil­der­ness Fest / Ja­c­ques 084 446 3422 / Ca­ri­ne 083 580 2781 / fes­ti­val of­fi­ce 044 882 1046

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