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The Knys­na Ro­se S­how s­how will be held this y­e­ar at Wood­mill La­ne s­hop­ping cen­t­re on F­ri­day and Sa­tur­day, 13 and 14 A­pril.

We ask a­nyo­ne who has a ro­se bloom or two or mo­re to bring them be­t­ween 07:00 and 09:30 and af­ter jud­ging at 10:00 the dis­play is o­pen to the pu­blic for vie­wing.

En­try is f­ree and you stand a chan­ce to win a spon­so­red pri­ze. Who knows, you may be the lucky en­trant on F­ri­day the 13th and your one bloom could be cho­sen as Qu­een of the S­how.

It is the 11th s­how that our so­cie­ty is hol­ding as last y­e­ar the droug­ht was so se­ve­re that it was de­ci­ded not to ha­ve one. The­re will be a dis­play of pho­to­grap­hs sho­wing the gar­dens of our fi­ve mem­bers who lost their hou­ses and gar­dens in last y­e­ar’s fi­re. W­hat is in­cre­di­ble, is how their ro­se bus­hes, which we­re just burnt sticks af­ter the in­ten­se he­at, ha­ve boun­ced back stron­ger than e­ver. The pho­to­grap­hs s­how this, pro­ving that ro­ses are far toug­her than we gi­ve them c­re­dit for. Wood ash is ex­cel­lent for ro­ses and ma­ny pests we­re de­stroy­ed in the fi­re as well.

Lud­wig Tas­ch­ner, who is South A­fri­ca’s “Mr Ro­se” and who has ro­se nur­se­ries a­round the coun­try and a lo­ve­ly branch cal­led Ou­te­ni­qua Ro­ses in the Wa­boom­s­kraal val­ley just o­ver the Ou­te­ni­qua Pass from Ge­or­ge, spon­sors the beau­ti­ful cut ro­ses that will be on dis­play. The­se are sold at noon on Sa­tur­day w­hen the s­how clo­ses.

We in­vi­te you to sup­port the ef­forts of our local gar­de­ners and en­joy the co­lour, va­ri­e­ty of blooms and am­bien­ce that the dis­play of ro­ses gi­ve.


Ca­rol Ken­ne­dy: cj­ken­ne­dy@tel­kom­ / 0832701488 –

P­ho­to: Sup­p­lied

This pho­to­graph ta­ken du­ring the last Ro­se S­how in 2016 con­ju­res up the beau­ti­ful per­fu­me that so ma­ny ro­ses exu­de.

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