40 ves­sels at in­terschools re­gat­ta

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Ge­or­ge La­kes Yacht Club hos­ted the 2018 SA Sai­ling E­den In­terschools Re­gat­ta at its Is­land Lake ve­nue o­ver the past wee­kend, w­hen mo­re than 40 ves­sels par­ti­ci­pa­ted.

The re­gat­ta was well sup­por­ted by ni­ne high s­chools and fi­ve p­ri­ma­ry s­chools from Mos­sel Bay, Knys­na and Ge­or­ge. The high s­chool fleet had 31 bo­ats and the p­ri­ma­ry s­chools had 16.

Pa­t­chy start

On Sa­tur­day 24 March the­re was just a very lig­ht, pa­t­chy bree­ze to get the fleets going for the first ra­ce. This then f­a­ded to no­thing and no furt­her ra­ces could be held.

In the p­ri­ma­ry s­chool ra­ce, Ash­ley Lay­land (Milk­wood P­ri­ma­ry, Mos­sel Bay) got li­ne ho­nours on her Te­ra Pro and was al­so the ra­ce win­ner, a­he­ad of the Op­ti­mist of Se­an Vonk (G­len­wood Hou­se P­re­pa­ra­to­ry). In the high s­chool fleet, first pla­ce was con­te­sted by te­am-ma­tes from York High, Ge­or­gou Di­va­ris and Ja­mes Hell­strom, sai­ling La­sers. At the fi­nish, Hell­strom was se­conds a­he­ad.

K­not too shab­by

On Sun­day 25 March, sai­ling con­di­ti­ons we­re much im­pro­ved, with a con­sis­tent bree­ze of 8 to 10 knots from the southwest, al­lo­wing six ra­ces to be com­ple­ted. In the p­ri­ma­ry s­chool ra­ces, li­ne ho­nours we­re con­te­sted by te­am-ma­tes from Milk­wood, Ash­ley Lay­land and O­li­ver Hol­den on Te­ra Sport. Ho­we­ver, the Op­ti­mis­ts of Se­an Vonk and Con­rad Holm (Ou­te­ni­qua P­ri­ma­ry) we­re c­lo­se be­hind to con­tend for the ra­ce wins.

Hol­den got a ra­ce win and Holm got two, but then Vonk got three to se­cu­re the o­ver­all win in this fleet.

York wins a­gain

In the high s­chool fleet, it was Ge­or­gou Di­va­ris who do­mi­na­ted, get­ting fi­ve of the six ra­ce wins of the day, on­ly con­ce­ding one to Ja­mes Hell­strom. T­hi­rd pla­ce was con­te­sted by the La­ser Ra­di­als of La­meck Ja­son (Kny­sa High) and Ro­byn Hell­strom (York High). Hell­strom was the most con­sis­tent to se­cu­re the fi­nal po­di­um po­si­ti­on, al­so being the first gi­rl in this fleet.

With York High ta­king the first three po­si­ti­ons, and six in the top 10, the high s­chool win­ner was cle­ar, with York High re­tai­ning the trop­hy for the t­hi­rd y­e­ar in succes­si­on. Se­cond pla­ce went to Knys­na High S­chool, a­he­ad of Sao Bras (Mos­sel Bay).

It’s a tie

For the p­ri­ma­ry s­chools, the sco­ring sy­stem cal­cu­la­ted a tie on points for first pla­ce be­t­ween Milk­wood P­ri­ma­ry and G­len­wood Hou­se P­re­pa­ra­to­ry, thus both the­se s­chools we­re a­war­ded the trop­hy as joint win­ners, with Pa­calts­dorp P­ri­ma­ry in t­hi­rd pla­ce.

Ge­or­ge La­kes Yacht Club (GLYC) ex­tends its gra­te­ful thanks to its p­ri­ma­ry spon­sors Sothebys In­ter­na­ti­o­nal Re­al­ty (Ge­or­ge) and Rau­ben­hei­mers At­tor­neys, as well as Ge­or­ge Wild­li­fe Park, PNA, S­ports­mans Wa­re­hou­se, and E­le­va­te Tram­po­li­ne Park.

Mo­re information

Vi­sit www.glyc.org.za or Fa­ce­book/GLYC. – Mal­colm Os­bour­ne

The start of a ra­ce on Sun­day 25 March for the p­ri­ma­ry s­chool fleet.

All the par­ti­ci­pants in the 2018 E­den In­terschools Re­gat­ta at the pri­ze-gi­ving.

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