W­hat hap­pe­ned af­ter Ju­dah S­qua­re bust

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Three weeks la­ter, and no ans­wers ha­ve been fort­hco­ming from aut­ho­ri­ties on the Ju­dah S­qua­re raid, despi­te nu­me­rous que­ries.

On 13 March w­hat ma­ny cal­led a dis­pro­por­ti­o­na­te con­tin­gent of po­li­ce re­sour­ces – mo­re than 20 vehi­cles and 60 of­fi­cers ac­cor­ding to re­si­dents – rai­ded the Ras­ta­fa­ri­an sanc­tu­a­ry in Knys­na, con­fis­ca­ted al­most 2 000 can­na­bis plants and ar­res­ted one sus­pect.

Rub­ber bul­lets, te­ar gas and stun gre­na­des for­med part of the bust, which po­li­ce la­ter said we­re u­sed to dis­per­se a group of pe­op­le who po­sed a thre­at. A pu­blic vi­o­len­ce in­ves­ti­ga­ti­on was al­so laun­ched.

T­he­se we­re the que­s­ti­ons, ver­ba­tim:

Ha­ve any furt­her ar­res­ts been ma­de?

W­hat hap­pe­ned to the re­si­dent who was ar­res­ted on the day – has he ap­pea­red in court as yet?

Ha­ve any furt­her ca­ses been o­pe­ned by either the po­li­ce or the Ju­dah S­qua­re com­mu­ni­ty?

W­hat hap­pe­ned to the con­fis­ca­ted plants? We ha­ve re­cei­ved a lot of que­ries re­gar­ding t­his.

I am su­re you mig­ht ha­ve seen the re­acti­on from the Gre­a­ter Knys­na com­mu­ni­ty on so­ci­al me­dia? Would SAPS li­ke to com­ment on t­his at all?

Al­so, w­hat hap­pe­ned to the me­mo­ran­dum han­ded to po­li­ce on Hu­man Rig­hts Day?

P­ho­tos: S­te­fan Goo­sen

The com­mu­ni­ty of Ju­dah S­qua­re from the out­si­de.

Ju­dah S­qua­re com­mu­ni­ty le­a­der Brot­her Maxi with so­me of the rub­ber bul­lets and spent gre­na­des u­sed by po­li­ce as they left with their con­fis­ca­ted boun­ty.

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