S­pre­a­ding the cheer of Eas­ter

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In a joint ef­fort be­t­ween Re­alNet Knys­naGe­or­ge and child­ren from Ri­ver­wood P­ri­ma­ry S­chool, a trip was ar­ran­ged to vi­sit so­me lo­cal es­ta­blishments in Knys­na to bring a litt­le bit of Eas­ter cheer to tho­se who nee­ded it.

Vi­sits we­re ma­de to Loe­rie­hof old age ho­me, Doro­thy Bros­ter or­pha­na­ge, Ver­mont old age ho­me and the Knys­na Pro­vin­ci­al Hos­pi­tal.

G­re­at Eas­ter ex­ci­te­ment was broug­ht to young and old as Eas­ter eggs and co­lou­rin­gin pamphlets we­re han­ded out.

It was qui­te an ex­pe­rien­ce for the Ri­ver­wood le­ar­ners to vi­sit the hos­pi­tal, w­he­re all we­re gi­ven a pri­va­te tour by the “he­ad bun­ny”, S­ha­meel A­lex­an­der, who is the PA to the nur­sing de­pu­ty di­rec­tor. The child­ren vi­si­ted the kit­chen, X-ray de­part­ment, ca­su­al­ty, men’s, wo­men’s and child­ren’s wards. A high­lig­ht was a ne­w­born ba­by in the ma­ter­ni­ty ward, not e­ven a day old, much to the de­lig­ht of the child­ren.

It was an eye-o­pe­ner for the child­ren to see how the el­der­ly li­ve in the old age ho­mes and meet the or­phans,to re­a­li­se how pri­vi­le­ged they are to ha­ve their own ho­mes. We are ex­tre­me­ly lucky to ha­ve such de­di­ca­ted staff in t­he­se es­ta­blishments.

“We wan­ted to bring Eas­ter to tho­se who mig­ht ha­ve been f­or­got­ten. Not on­ly did we gi­ve pa­trons of the es­ta­blishments an Eas­ter egg, but we al­so ga­ve Eas­ter eggs to the de­di­ca­ted staff. Thanks to my Re­alNet staff and child­ren from Ri­ver­wood s­chool for acting as Eas­ter bun­nies,” said Re­alNet Knys­na-Ge­or­ge fran­chi­see and prin­ci­pal Re­na­te du Rand. –

The e­mer­gen­cy ward at Knys­na hos­pi­tal was one of the stops w­he­re Eas­ter eggs we­re han­ded out.

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