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P­let­ten­berg Bay po­li­ce are se­ar­ching for se­ver­al sto­len i­tems and ha­ve cal­led on the pu­blic to as­sist.

Po­li­ce spo­kes­per­son Cap­tain Mar­le­ne Pie­ter­se said that on 2 A­pril, a re­si­dent left his pro­per­ty in Ail­sa Craig A­ve­nue at a­bout 09:00 and w­hen he re­tur­ned two hours la­ter, he dis­co­ve­r­ed his front door o­pen and two of his bi­cy­cles mis­sing.

One of the bi­cy­cles was a sil­ver Gi­ant moun­tain bi­ke with an es­ti­ma­ted va­lue of R60 000 and the ot­her was a yel­low-andbro­wn S­pe­ci­a­li­zed moun­tain bi­ke worth a­bout R100 000.

Pie­ter­se said a 24-volt bat­te­ry char­ger was al­so found to be mis­sing.

She ad­ded that a­not­her in­ci­dent in­vol­ved good sto­len o­ver Eas­ter, be­t­ween 29 March 29 and 3 A­pril, w­hen con­tract wor­kers left their trucks on a farm on the R340 gra­vel ro­ad to U­p­lands.

“They went ho­me for the Eas­ter wee­kend. W­hen they re­tur­ned to the farm, they dis­co­ve­r­ed that 1 200 lit­res of die­sel and four bat­te­ries we­re sto­len from the trucks.”

Should you ha­ve any in­for­ma­ti­on that could as­sist the po­li­ce, con­tact the de­tecti­ve, Ser­ge­ant Ed­win S­mith, on 044 501 1908 or 083 538 0886.

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