Mot­her i­den­ti­fies daug­h­ter’s ‘ra­pist’

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The mot­her of a 15-y­e­ar-old gi­rl who was al­le­ge­d­ly ra­ped by four sus­pects on the nig­ht of 9 Fe­bru­a­ry 2017, tes­ti­fied at the T­hem­ba­let­hu Ma­gi­stra­te’s Court, Ge­or­ge in the past week.

Her tes­ti­mo­ny on Wed­nes­day 4 A­pril was al­so in ca­me­ra, as was her daug­h­ter’s in pre­vi­ous ap­pea­ran­ces, me­a­ning the pu­blic was not al­lo­wed to be pre­sent.

She was one of the first pe­op­le to ar­ri­ve at the hou­se w­he­re her daug­h­ter was loc­ked in­si­de and had to kick o­pen the door to get to her. One of the sus­pects, who was still in­si­de the hou­se, ran off as soon as he saw her.

The mot­her re­vea­led to Knys­na-P­lett He­rald that she was as­ked du­ring her tes­ti­mo­ny to i­den­ti­fy the boy who ran off, which she did.

The four sus­pects we­re all mi­nors w­hen they we­re ar­res­ted on 10 Fe­bru­a­ry, af­ter they al­le­ge­d­ly lu­red the gi­rl in­to a hou­se and re­pe­a­ted­ly ra­ped her, but three of the boys ha­ve sin­ce tur­ned 18.

The sus­pects al­so ap­pea­red brief­ly last week and the mat­ter was re­fer­red back to Knys­na Ma­gi­stra­te’s Court on Tu­es­day 10 A­pril, w­hen one mo­re wit­ness, the victim’s friend, took the stand.

The friend was with the victim’s mot­her w­hen she was found and she al­so tes­ti­fied on w­hat she saw on the day.

Du­ring a court ap­pea­ran­ce on 21 Fe­bru­a­ry, all four a­bando­ned bail. They la­ter did ap­ply for bail, but it was de­nied. The boys re­main in cus­to­dy.

Mem­bers of the ANC Wo­men’s Le­a­gue who ha­ve been fol­lo­wing the ca­se sin­ce its in­cep­ti­on we­re the­re to sup­port the gi­rl and her fa­mi­ly.

P­ho­tos: N­wa­bi­sa Pon­do­yi

Mem­bers of the ANC Wo­men’s le­a­gue ha­ve been sho­wing sup­port to the victim and her fa­mi­ly sin­ce the be­gin­ning of the ca­se.

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