Well do­ne, Lu­san­da!

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The Knys­na Mon­tes­so­ri S­chool ex­tends warm con­g­ra­tu­la­ti­ons to Lu­san­da Mhla­ka­za on obtai­ning his B.Ed from U­ni­sa re­cent­ly.

Lu­san­da at­ten­ded ju­ni­or s­chool at his ru­ral ho­me­town in the Eas­tern Ca­pe, and in purs­uit of high s­chool mat­hs and s­cien­ce, he con­ti­nu­ed his stu­dies in Midd­le D­rift at the Ka­ma High S­chool. Alt­hough he a­chie­ved very sa­tis­fac­to­ry ma­tric re­sults, he cho­se to re­pe­at the y­e­ar in or­der to obtain hig­her marks to ful­fil his d­re­am of stu­dying ci­vil en­gi­neer­ing at Wal­ter Si­su­lu U­ni­ver­si­ty. He com­ple­ted the de­gree a­part from one mo­du­le and practi­cal, but for per­so­nal re­a­sons had to ta­ke a gap y­e­ar and ar­ri­ved in Knys­na in 2008.

Lu­san­da was em­ploy­ed at Knys­na Mon­tes­so­ri as cric­ket and soccer co­ach, and it was then that he dis­co­ve­r­ed his ta­lent and a­bi­li­ty to work with child­ren. With the very kind and ge­ne­rous spon­sors­hip of high s­chool e­du­ca­tor John Va­hey, he en­rol­led for a te­a­ching de­gree from U­ni­sa and spent a bu­sy four y­e­ars co­a­ching sport, te­a­ching Gra­de 4, 5 and 6 mat­hs and X­ho­sa, and stu­dying for his e­du­ca­ti­on de­gree, which he com­ple­ted at the end of 2017.

Lu­san­da is keen to con­ti­nue with his stu­dies.

“The child­ren le­arn from me, but I le­arn so much from them too. I li­ke the Mon­tes­so­ri met­hods of te­a­ching, and the Mon­tes­so­ri e­quip­ment. I lo­ve the way they are gi­ven sup­port and lo­ve and ca­re; they are so for­tu­na­te to get e­ver­y­thing they need,” he says.

Mon­tes­so­ri S­chool is gra­te­ful to John Va­hey for his de­di­ca­ted in­vol­vement and very proud of Lu­san­da’s en­suing ac­com­plishment. –

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Mon­tes­so­ri te­a­cher Lu­san­da Mhla­ka­za re­cent­ly obtai­ned an e­du­ca­ti­on de­gree from U­ni­sa.

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