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The Wil­der­ness jazz group Su­gar & S­pi­ce will be per­for­ming li­ve at Knys­na Mon­tes­so­ri S­chool on F­ri­day 20 A­pril.

The group con­sis­ts of Ce­ci­ly Pe­pler on vo­cals, Ri­co Mul­ler on pi­a­no and vo­cals, Sop­pie T­hy­se on bass and vo­cals and, with his fier­ce e­ner­gy, Ke­vi Le­vin is on the drums.

Pe­pler, who al­so ma­na­ges the group, says they want to s­ha­re their mu­sic with a wi­der au­dien­ce of jazz lo­vers in the Knys­na a­rea. They are al­re­a­dy well lo­ved by Wil­der­ness and Ge­or­ge re­si­dents.

In t­his con­cert, a le­ar­ner from the s­chool, 11-y­e­ar-old Jo­di-An­ne Mi­cha­el, will be per­for­ming two num­bers as their guest ar­tist. They will en­ter­tain with jazz da­ting back to the era of Nat King Co­le, Co­le Por­ter and the­re will al­so be so­me of the fa­vou­ri­te An­to­nio Car­los Jo­bim me­lo­dies.

“Our lo­ve for t­his gen­re gi­ves us a plat­form to re­vi­sit the beau­ti­ful mu­sic writ­ten so long ago, mu­sic that is ti­me­less and fa­mi­li­ar,” says Pe­pler.

They are pri­ma­ri­ly a s­how band and their spe­ci­a­li­ty is very so­phi­sti­ca­ted, e­a­sy lis­te­ning, nos­tal­gic, gent­le stan­dard and La­tin jazz.

“You will he­ar all the fa­mi­li­ar jazz fa­vou­ri­tes in our re­per­toi­re which ap­pe­als to all a­ges.

Ma­ny of our shows are in the for­mat of very po­pu­lar ho­me con­certs.”

Re­freshments will be a­vai­la­ble at the Mon­tes­so­ri F­ri­day Nig­ht Mar­ket from 16:00 to 20:00, fol­lo­wed by the s­how which starts prompt­ly at 20:00.

A por­ti­on of the pro­ceeds from the con­cert will go to the s­chool. Tic­ket pri­ces are R120 for a­dults and R60 for scho­lars un­der 12 y­e­ars. Book­ing e­ar­ly is ad­vi­sed by cal­ling Ce­ci­ly on 082 768 2005. Find out mo­re Facebook/Ce­ci­ly Pe­pler with Su­gar & S­pi­ce

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Knys­na is soon in for a tre­at w­hen Wil­der­ness jazz band Su­gar& S­pi­ce is due to per­form at Mon­tes­so­ri S­chool on 20 A­pril.

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