Put an end to fi­re­works, for a­ni­mals’ sa­ke

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S­tel­la Sohn and Su­zar­ne Al­ly van Jaars­veld:

If you are op­po­sed to the dis­char­ge of fi­re­works as a form of en­ter­tai­n­ment, ta­ke acti­on!

The com­mu­ni­ties in Knys­na and P­lett are co­ming to­get­her to put an end to fi­re­works dis­plays and any ot­her form of the dis­char­ge of fi­re­works.

The re­a­son for the pe­ti­ti­on is to as­sist us in pre­ven­ting and brin­ging to a per­ma­nent end the furt­her dis­char­ge of fi­re­works and the aut­ho­ri­sing and is­suing of per­mits to ap­pli­cants such as mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ties, re­stau­rants, ho­tels, e­vent com­pa­nies and all ot­her en­ti­ties in­clu­ding pri­va­te hou­se­holds and ho­li­day ac­com­mo­da­ti­on es­ta­blishments within the Gre­a­ter Knys­na and Bi­tou mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ties and sur­rounds.

The self-cen­tred and short-li­ved joy ex­pe­rien­ced by hu­mans is hor­ren­dous­ly out­weig­hed by the trau­ma, a­bu­se and fa­ta­li­ties suf­fe­red by pets and ot­her a­ni­mals in the a­rea. Dis­char­ge of fi­re­works al­so po­se a hu­ge risk of fi­re dan­ger.

It is pro­hi­bi­ted to dis­char­ge any fi­re­works in any form in re­si­den­ti­al a­re­as. Despi­te laws in pla­ce, t­his kind of practi­ce con­ti­nues to ta­ke pla­ce. How can you help?

Kind­ly add your de­tails in sup­port of t­his very worthy cau­se by doing the fol­lo­wing:

1. Join our pa­ge on Facebook/We sup­port a “Fi­re­works” FREE South A­fri­ca.

2. E­mail us at (Knys­na) no­mo­re­bangs@ gmail.com or (P­lett) stop­fi­re­works@mweb. co.za, no­ti­fying that you are a­gainst the dis­char­ge of fi­re­works/dis­plays within the Gre­a­ter Knys­na/Bi­tou mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ties and sur­rounds.

You may al­so con­tact us – Su­zar­ne (P­lett) 082 927 8221 or S­tel­la (Knys­na) 083 325 2581 – to sign a pe­ti­ti­on form.

If we ha­ve ti­me to whi­ne and com­plain a­bout the fi­re­works, then we ha­ve the ti­me to do so­mething a­bout it. Now is the ti­me to ta­ke acti­on.

The pro­gress ma­de thus far is that all par­ties con­cer­ned in­clu­ding the SAPS ex­plo­si­ves u­nit ha­ve been no­ti­fied in wri­ting of the com­mu­ni­ties’ in­ten­ti­on to pe­ti­ti­on. Of­fi­ci­al pe­ti­ti­on sig­ning in pro­gress.

“The gre­at­ness of a na­ti­on and its mo­ral pro­gress can be jud­ged by the way its a­ni­mals are tre­a­ted.” (Gand­hi)

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