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Call to all de­di­ca­ted plan­kers for wor­ld re­cord Plank­athon at­tempt

Wooden you be­lie­ve it. Though so­me mig­ht say su­re­ly knott, a col­lecti­ve of de­ter­mi­ned Knys­na wo­men are cer­tain lo­cal re­si­dents ha­ve it in them to bre­ak the Guin­ness Book of Wor­ld Re­cords Plan­king re­cord. Its mem­bers are cal­ling on all lo­cal ci­ti­zens to stop erm...pi­neing, for a bet­ter wor­ld and step up to the pla­te to put our town on the glo­bal map.

How dif­fi­cult can it be to or­ga­ni­se 2 000 pe­op­le to plank for 60 se­conds – all at the sa­me ti­me?

Well, it can be­st be des­cri­bed as a “fun acti­vi­ty for the w­ho­le fa­mi­ly” or “e­a­sy as pie”, ac­cor­ding to Ja­na King of lo­cal gym Cur­ves Knys­na.

And if it all g­oes as plan­ned, it will be a new Guin­ness Wor­ld Re­cord.

O­pen to all

The e­vent is sche­du­led to ta­ke pla­ce at the Knys­na High S­chool sports grounds in Wa­ter­front D­ri­ve on Wed­nes­day

4 Ju­ly, and Cur­ves is in­vi­ting pe­op­le of all a­ges, men, wo­men and kids, to join in the ex­ci­te­ment and bre­ak a swe­at, all in the na­me of cha­ri­ty.

For tho­se un­fa­mi­li­ar with the term, plan­king ac­cor­ding to Wi­ki­pe­dia is an i­so­me­tric co­re-strength exe­r­ci­se that in­vol­ves main­tai­ning a po­si­ti­on si­mi­lar to a push-up for the max­i­mum pos­si­ble ti­me.

Ai­ming for 2 000 pe­op­le

It’s not ex­act­ly child’s play, but it is no­net­he­less a­chie­va­ble – es­pe­ci­al­ly if the tur­nout to the e­vent is sig­ni­fi­cant e­nough to ac­tu­al­ly bre­ak a wor­ld re­cord. Af­ter all, re­cords are a­chie­ved through 1% in­spi­ra­ti­on and 99% per­spi­ra­ti­on.

“The cur­rent re­cord is 1 779 and we aim to ha­ve at le­ast 2 000 pe­op­le par­ti­ci­pa­ting. We are in­vi­ting e­ver­yo­ne to join us and be part of so­mething that will go do­wn in his­to­ry!” says King, ex­plai­ning that the i­dea was s­par­ked through a Cur­ves Knys­na cam­paign a­gainst do­mes­tic vi­o­len­ce.

“All pro­ceeds from t­his e­vent will be han­ded to our a­dop­ted cha­ri­ty be­ne­fi­ci­a­ry for the e­vent, Fam­sa,” she says.

Plank a­way!

“We ap­pe­al to the w­ho­le of Knys­na and sur­rounds, p­le­a­se join us! It’s fun, it’s ex­ci­ting and Knys­na will go do­wn in the Gui­ness Book of Re­cords!”

T­his re­cord is for the gre­a­test num­ber of pe­op­le hol­ding the ab­do­mi­nal plank po­si­ti­on si­mul­ta­ne­ous­ly at a sin­gle ve­nue. For the pur­po­ses of the re­cord, the ab­do­mi­nal plank po­si­ti­on con­sis­ts of the par­ti­ci­pant res­ting the fo­re­arms on the ground with on­ly the toes al­so tou­ching the ground. Be­si­des the fo­re­arms and the toes, the re­main­der of the bo­dy (legs and tor­so) must be lif­ted off the ground.

At le­ast one mars­hal per 50 pe­op­le will be ap­poin­ted to keep an eye on par­ti­ci­pants and jud­ge the cor­rect­ness of the chal­len­ge.

W­he­re to re­gis­ter

Re­gis­tra­ti­on cos­ts R60 per per­son and can be do­ne on­li­ne at www. cur­ve­s­wor­ld­re­

P­ho­to: Ya­seen Gaf­far

Join the wor­ld re­cord at­tempt on 4 Ju­ly to plank for one mi­nu­te. T­he­se wo­men at Cur­ves Knys­na, (from left) Ei­leen Kit­ching, Mo­ni­ca Pap­pas, Del­le Hen­ry and Het­ty Jaf­ta de­mon­stra­ted re­cent­ly how it’s do­ne. S­tan­ding is C­her­i­se Ja­cobs and Ja­na King.

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