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Be­ha­vi­our e­choing the acti­ons of for­mer Uru­gua­y­an pre­si­dent Jo­se “Pe­pe” Mu­ji­ca – kno­wn as the “wor­ld’s most hum­ble he­ad of sta­te” – was dis­play­ed by Knys­na’s new ma­yor Mark Wil­lem­se t­his week w­hen he re­tur­ned the of­fi­ci­al mu­ni­ci­pal vehi­cle as a cost-cut­ting ge­stu­re.

The re­quest by Wil­lem­se to re­turn the ren­ted ma­yo­ral vehi­cle and can­cel the ren­tal con­tract with im­me­di­a­te ef­fect is re­flected in the con­duct of Mu­ji­ca who was wi­de­ly lau­ded for ha­ving han­ded 90% of his monthly sa­la­ry to the needy, his auste­re li­fe­sty­le and in par­ti­cu­lar the knac­ke­red old Volks­wa­gen beet­le he u­sed to d­ri­ve him­self to of­fi­ci­al meet­ings.

The ren­ted ma­yo­ral vehi­cle in Knys­na had been cos­ting the ad­mi­nis­tra­ti­on R14 000 a month.

“I don’t need it,” Wil­lem­se told KPH on Mon­day 25 Ju­ne af­ter the an­noun­ce­ment. “I can use my own car.”

Though t­his ge­stu­re by Wil­lem­se was met with so­me scep­ti­cism it e­li­ci­ted wi­de­spre­ad, main­ly po­si­ti­ve re­acti­on on the mu­ni­ci­pal web­si­te and so­ci­al me­dia plat­forms. Wil­lem­se ma­kes no bo­nes a­bout trans­pa­ren­cy and fig­hting cor­rup­ti­on and the com­mu­ni­ty ex­pres­sed ho­pe that t­his ge­stu­re would be a por­tent for the fu­tu­re. – Eds

Knys­na’s new ma­yor Mark Wil­lem­se.

For­mer Uru­gua­y­an pre­si­dent “Pe­pe” Mu­ji­ca.

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