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Aan die Knys­na Pro­vin­si­a­le Hos­pi­taal vir die puik diens wat jul­le aan ons ge­lief­de dog­ter Ger­ty Bou­kes ge­gee het oor die ja­re, ver­al die laas­te week. Spe­si­a­le dank aan Dr Pot­gie­ter, die ver­pleeg­sters, as­ook De­on Mat­thee die ad­junk-di­rek­teur. Ons wil ook dan­kie sê aan al ons en Ger­ty se fa­mi­lie en vrien­de vir jul­le by­stand deur hier­die moei­li­ke tyd. Jul­le sal nooit weet hoe baie ons dit waar­deer nie.

Knys­na Sed­ge­field Hos­pi­ce is in­cre­di­bly gra­te­ful to S­pot­less Knys­na for spon­so­ring the va­le­ting of three of our vehi­cles. They look in­cre­di­ble and the ser­vi­ce was fast and ef­fi­cient. We are so gra­te­ful, thank you!

To S­hel­don Mee­se for hap­pi­ly acting as a gui­de for S­tep­ping S­to­nes pre­pri­ma­ry s­chool a­round the Wa­ter­front on our Fat­her’s Day hi­ke and for the sur­pri­se tre­at at the end. We re­al­ly ap­pre­ci­a­ted it.

To Ian Uys for a­gain ge­ne­rous­ly con­tri­bu­ting books as pri­zes for our fun­drai­sing golf e­vent.

To Ro­land Bo­wer, Ran­dall, Wes­ley and their te­am at the Knys­na Mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty for ar­ran­ging de­li­very of and pla­cing all the new bins al­ong the la­goon – a hu­ge help in as­sis­ting with keeping lit­ter out of the la­goon.

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