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P­let­ten­berg Bay win­ter blu­es we­re dri­ven a­way by a siz­z­ling P­lett Arts Fe­s­ti­val pro­gram­me which ca­me to an end this week.

“Despi­te mar­ke­ting bud­get con­straints, the fe­s­ti­val was well sup­por­ted,” said P­lett Tou­rism spo­kes­per­son Pat­ty But­ter­worth.

The fifth an­nu­al fe­s­ti­val took pla­ce at va­ri­ous ve­nues in P­let­ten­berg Bay from 25 Ju­ne 9 Ju­ly and in­clu­ded a va­ri­e­ty of co­lour­ful e­vents and acti­vi­ties – from in­ter­na­ti­o­nal per­for­man­ces to u­ni­que cul­tu­ral acti­vi­ties.

But­ter­worth says the high­lig­ht of the fe­s­ti­val was the ne­w­ly in­tro­du­ced A­fri­do­cs in P­lett se­ries.

A­fri­do­cs se­ries

In col­la­bo­ra­ti­on with A­fri­do­cs and I­ka­si Me­dia, the se­ries in­vol­ved spe­ci­al scree­n­ings of so­me of the be­st A­fri­can do­cu­men­ta­ry films, at the Pie­sang Val­ly hall be­t­ween 4 and 6 Ju­ly. Fe­s­ti­val­goers had the op­por­tu­ni­ty to meet film­ma­kers and share the li­fe ex­pe­rien­ces of so­me of A­fri­ca’s le­gends, his­to­ry ma­kers and or­di­na­ry pe­op­le on the big screen.

So­me of the spe­ci­al gu­e­sts who at­ten­ded we­re Ma­ma A­fri­ca pro­du­cer Don Ed­kins, an­ti-a­part­heid acti­vist jud­ge and exe­cu­ti­ve pro­du­cer of O­li­ver Tam­bo: Ha­ve you He­ard from Jo­han­nes­burg, and A­fri­can mu­sic aut­ho­ri­ty Ri­chard N­wam­ba.

“This is a spi­ri­ted, li­ve­ly and e­mi­nent­ly wa­t­cha­ble film that brings Tam­bo to li­fe on screen, with mo­ving and poig­nant in­ter­views with Chris Ha­ni, Ken­neth Kaun­da and mem­bers of the Tam­bo fa­mi­ly. The film shows not just the po­li­ti­cs of the man, but al­so shi­nes a lig­ht on a li­fe li­ved on prin­ci­ples of e­thi­cs, com­pas­si­on, in­clu­si­on, so­ci­al jus­ti­ce and e­qua­li­ty,” Sa­chs said of the film.

Ot­her films that we­re sho­w­ca­sed in­clu­de Ma­ma A­fri­ca, Gang­bé and A Lo­ve A­part.

“E­ven though this had a ni­che ap­pe­al, it was well sup­por­ted and an a­ma­zing ex­pe­rien­ce,” But­ter­worth said.

Pai­ring food and film

She ad­ded that the an­nu­al P­lett Food & Film Fe­s­ti­val was sold out swift­ly and in­clu­ded the scree­n­ings of two films – F­ri­da and Pol­lock.

Food and film a­fi­ci­o­na­dos gat­he­red at The Fat Fish re­stau­rant for the vi­su­al­ly e­vo­ca­ti­ve film a­bout the li­fe of ar­tist F­ri­da Kahlo and e­qual­ly e­vo­ca­ti­ve cui­si­ne pre­pa­red by re­stau­rant chefs. Gu­e­sts we­re greeted with wel­co­me drinks and du­ring the scree­n­ing we­re tre­a­ted to a ran­ge of Mex­i­can-in­spi­red mo­vie snacks and ta­pas. The film was fol­lo­wed by main cour­se and des­sert.

On 8 Ju­ly, E­mi­ly Moon hos­ted the scree­n­ing of Pol­lock, which looks back on the li­fe of re­no­w­ned ar­tist Jack­son Pol­lock. Not on­ly did gu­e­sts en­joy bour­bon and spi­rits tas­tings, but we­re al­so tre­a­ted to a three-cour­se me­al pre­pa­red by chef A­lex O­li­vier.

But­ter­worth said a­not­her high­lig­ht on the pro­gram­me was the fe­s­ti­val’s Win­ter School which in­clu­ded se­ver­al skills de­ve­lop­ment works­hops.

“The­se works­hops we­re ful­ly subscri­bed to and so­mething we would li­ke to ex­pand in fu­tu­re.”

The works­hops in­clu­ded a co­lour li­no­cut cour­se, a mu­si­cal his­to­ry works­hop, a jazz works­hop, a dan­ce works­hop, a film­ma­king cour­se, a wi­ne his­to­ry and tas­ting cour­se as well as a ba­ris­ta works­hop.

All the­se we­re hos­ted by ex­perts in the re­specti­ve fields.

“We al­so had a­ma­zing ta­lent du­ring the fe­s­ti­val. Just on the mu­sic front we had le­gends li­ke Pops Mohamed, Da­ve Re­nyn­olds, C­har­l­ton Da­niels and Ro­nan S­kil­len,” said But­ter­worth.

P­ho­to: Sup­p­lied

The fifth an­nu­al P­lett Arts Fe­s­ti­val saw se­ver­al art exhi­bi­ti­ons a­cross P­let­ten­berg Bay.

The pro­du­cer of Ma­ma A­fri­ca, Don Ed­kins, was a spe­ci­al guest du­ring the fifth P­lett Arts Fe­s­ti­val A­fri­do­cs se­ries which in­clu­ded a scree­n­ing of Ed­kins’ film.

Le­gen­da­ry South A­fri­can sin­ger and son­g­wri­ter Koos Kom­buis per­for­med as part of the Suns­ets con­cert se­ries.

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