Co­mi­cs help ma­ke Knys­na shuckle

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Mo­re than 200 pe­op­le at­ten­ded the Co­me­dy C­huckle at Mit­chell's B­re­we­ry on T­hurs­day nig­ht 5 Ju­ly, in a sold-out s­how and a high­lig­ht of this y­e­ar's Knys­na Oys­ter Fe­s­ti­val.

In­tro­du­ced as “co­me­dic he­a­vy­weig­hts”, the quar­tet of Ya­seen Bar­nes, Ka­gi­so Mok­ga­di, Carl We­ber and Da­lin O­li­ver pul­led no pun­ches in ser­ving mul­ti­tu­des of hi­la­ri­ous one-li­ners, wit­ty co­me­backs and all-round thigh-slap­pers.

Ey­eing a pre­do­mi­nant­ly w­hi­te au­dien­ce, Mok­ga­di quip­ped, “I see all you black pe­op­le, all four of you,” be­fo­re pro­cee­ding with so­me lig­ht-he­ar­ted jo­kes re­gar­ding an is­sue ma­king na­ti­o­nal he­ad­li­nes – land ex­pro­pri­a­ti­on wit­hout com­pen­sa­ti­on.

“We thoug­ht we'd le­a­ve Knys­na for the w­hi­te pe­op­le af­ter the fi­res. But it seems e­ver­y­thing has re­co­ve­r­ed now, and e­ver­y­thing is g­reen, e­ver­y­thing is se­re­ne. I can see my­self li­ving he­re,” he smir­ked, much to the a­mu­se­ment of a chuckling cro­wd.

Need­less to say, it was the front row that bo­re the brunt of per­so­nal jo­kes. In­di­vi­du­als na­med Vaughn and Mi­cha­el we­re sub­ject to so­me p­ret­ty darn straig­ht-up in­sults, which was hi­la­ri­ous, to say the le­ast.

Al­so a­mu­sing, es­pe­ci­al­ly to lo­cals, was a jo­ke di­rected at for­mer ma­yor E­le­a­no­re Bou­wS­pies al­ong the li­nes of get­ting pe­op­le to pay for her me­als – all the swee­ter due to the fact that Mok­ga­di was ob­vi­ous­ly bliss­ful­ly ig­no­rant of lo­cal po­li­ti­cs in town.

Bar­nes li­ved up to his re­pu­ta­ti­on as p­rin­ce of the one-li­ners, and his pas­si­on for pun had e­ver­yo­ne thin­king twi­ce be­fo­re let­ting loo­se a few gig­gles.

“As a Mus­lim, I don't think of my­self as an ex­tre­mist,” he said. “I'm mo­re of a lig­ht fog,” and he rei­te­ra­ted the words “ex­tre­me mist”.

O­li­ver then took the sta­ge be­fo­re he­ad­li­ne act Carl We­ber had the au­dien­ce rol­ling with laug­h­ter o­ver jo­kes a­bout Ca­pe Town, w­hi­te gi­rls we­a­ring K-Way jac­kets and wa­ter scar­ci­ty.

Gu­e­sts we­re tre­a­ted to a me­mo­ra­ble nig­ht of en­ter­tai­n­ment and laug­h­ter, and got a chan­ce la­ter on to mingle with the co­me­di­ans and a ta­ke a pic­tu­re.

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Sue B­rehm en­joys so­me laughs with Ya­seen Bar­nes, Ka­gi­so Mok­ga­di, Carl We­ber and Da­lin O­li­ver.

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