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P­let­ten­berg bay lo­cals en­joy­ed a nig­ht of splen­dour du­ring the Af­ro Jazz con­cert last wee­kend in the hands of Pan A­fri­can Cal­ling, an ex­tra­or­di­na­ry col­la­bo­ra­ti­ve fe­a­tu­ring Da­ve Reynolds and Pops Mohamed, Ro­nan S­kil­len and C­har­l­ton Da­niels, and the flam­boy­ant Fe­mi Koya and the A­fro­be­at band.

The­se di­ver­se mu­si­ci­ans fed off e­ach ot­her’s e­ner­gies and broug­ht forth a dis­tincti­ve sound in­spi­red by va­ri­ous in­di­ge­nous in­stru­ments with deep o­ri­g­ins that stretch from the Ca­rib­be­an, A­fri­ca and Aus­tra­lia.

The con­cert al­so mar­ked Reynolds’ and Mohamed’s 200 con­certs to­get­her. Mohamed e­very now and a­gain re­flected on w­he­re we as a coun­try co­me from, paying ho­ma­ge to the li­be­ra­ti­on i­cons and ackno­w­led­ging w­hat their sa­cri­fi­ces me­ant for the coun­try.

They in­vi­ted lo­cal guit­a­rist John­no S­mit­hers to join them on sta­ge and they we­re la­ter joi­ned by Koya with his trum­pet and did he blow it!

Af­ter their set, Reynolds and Mohamed sat with Knys­na-P­lett He­rald (KPH) and re­flected on their o­ver­all per­for­man­ce and jour­ney.

Reynolds said he has al­ways con­si­de­red mu­sic as a gift that co­mes from a­not­her pla­ce. “W­hen I play I s­top thin­king and be­co­me re­cep­ti­ve… W­hen you’re in the rig­ht spa­ce mu­sic co­mes in­to you.”

They said they es­pe­ci­al­ly en­joy “hou­se con­certs” be­cau­se they of­fer them an op­por­tu­ni­ty to fe­a­tu­re lo­cal ar­tis­ts and mingle with their au­dien­ce.

S­hort­ly af­ter, Koya and the A­fro­be­at band took to the sta­ge, and be­fo­re long they had the au­dien­ce on their feet, with so­me e­ven joi­ning them on sta­ge.

Koya, who calls him­self the re­al Ma­koya, told KPH that in as much as they are from dif­fe­rent coun­tries they found a way to bring to­get­her dif­fe­rent e­le­ments to cre­a­te ma­gic. “W­hen we’re on sta­ge no­thing gi­ves us g­re­a­ter joy than seeing our au­dien­ce re­joi­ce with us – li­fe is too short for a­ny­thing el­se.”

The au­dien­ce was la­ter en­ter­tai­ned by DJ M­ji­lo who kept them on the dan­ce floor.

P­ho­tos: N­wa­bi­sa Pon­do­yi

Da­ve Reynolds,C­har­l­ton Da­niels and Pops Mohamed com­ple­te­ly lost in the mu­sic.

The e­ver vi­brant Fe­mi Koya with the A­fro­be­at band dan­cing to one of their hits.

Pops Mohamed shares his an­cient wis­dom with the au­dien­ce.

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