Glo­bal ap­pro­val for lo­cal wi­nes

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P­let­ten­berg Bay’s gro­wing wi­ne in­du­stry has been gi­ven a­not­her fe­at­her in its cap w­hen a lo­cal farm won two a­wards du­ring the 2018 Mi­chel­an­ge­lo In­ter­na­ti­o­nal Wi­ne A­wards re­cent­ly.

Lu­ka Wi­ne Farm, lo­ca­ted in the Har­ker­vil­le a­rea ne­ar P­let­ten­berg Bay, was last week a­war­ded a sil­ver for its 2017 sau­vig­non blanc and gold for its 2017 rosé vin­ta­ges.

“It is our first rosé and we are ex­tre­me­ly ex­ci­ted a­bout this beau­ti­ful new ad­di­ti­on to the P­lett Wi­ne­lands,” says o­w­ner Mark Bar­nard.

The wi­ne farm won its first Mi­chel­an­ge­lo gold me­dal in 2016 for its 2015 sau­vig­non blanc.

The Mi­chel­an­ge­lo In­ter­na­ti­o­nal Wi­ne & S­pi­rits A­wards is the lar­ge­st wi­ne and s­pi­rits com­pe­ti­ti­on in A­fri­ca and the jud­ging pa­nel in­clu­des in­ter­na­ti­o­nal ad­ju­di­ca­tors hai­ling from fi­ve con­ti­nents and 17 coun­tries.

A fa­mi­ly-run vi­ney­ard, the farm has its vi­ni­fi­ca­ti­on and bott­ling do­ne at Bra­mon Wi­ne E­sta­te un­der the su­per­vi­si­on of wi­ne­ma­ker An­ton S­mal from Vil­lie­ra acclaim. An­ton and Mark are very ex­ci­ted a­bout the di­ver­si­ty of fla­vours at­tri­bu­ted to ter­roir, cli­ma­te and ca­re.

P­let­ten­berg Bay is South A­fri­ca’s smal­le­st wi­ne-gro­wing re­gi­on with 58 hec­ta­res of the 100 000 hec­ta­res plan­ted coun­try­wi­de. The a­rea is al­so the coun­try’s most e­as­ter­ly wi­ne re­gi­on, stret­ching 57km al­ong the thin co­as­tal strip from Pack­wood in Har­ker­vil­le until Lo­des­to­ne on the Red­ford Ro­ad in the Crags.

The first gra­pes in the a­rea we­re plan­ted in 2000 by Pe­ter T­hor­pe on his Bra­mon E­sta­te in the Crags, on P­lett’s west si­de. The­re are cur­rent­ly 18 vi­ney­ards with ni­ne pro­du­cing farms that bott­le their own wi­ne.

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Lu­ka Wi­ne Farm in Har­ker­vil­le ne­ar P­let­ten­berg Bay now bo­as­ts in­ter­na­ti­o­nal a­wards for three of its wi­nes, the most re­cent being its 2017 sau­vig­non blanc and rosé vin­ta­ges.

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