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Peg­gy D­lep­hu is slo­w­ly en­gra­ving her i­ni­ti­als on Knys­na’s DNA whi­le be­co­ming in­cre­a­singly in­vol­ved in the buil­ding of its re­al foun­da­ti­ons – the child­ren.

D­lep­hu, of Peg­gy’s Arts and Tours, who bo­as­ts the Ge­or­ge Bu­si­ness C­ham­ber’s 2015 en­tre­pre­neur of the y­e­ar a­ward, is no stran­ger to len­ding a hand w­he­re nee­ded – she runs a fee­ding sche­me that ca­ters for a­bout 80 pe­op­le twi­ce week­ly.

The bu­si­nes­s­wo­man is cur­rent­ly wor­king on a pro­ject to re­build a pres­chool from scra­tch in Con­cor­dia as well as in­tro­du­cing well-nee­ded fa­ci­li­ties for the child­ren at Sip­hun­ce­do kin­der­gar­ten just do­wn the ro­ad – such as two re­cent­ly ad­ded toi­lets. An of­fi­ci­al ce­re­mo­ny ce­le­bra­ting the o­pe­ning of the fa­ci­li­ties was held last F­ri­day 5 Oc­to­ber.

But the toi­lets ha­ve not just been wel­co­med as a me­ans to fa­ci­li­ta­te he­althy young con­sti­tu­ti­ons. Te­a­chers Yo­lis­wa M­zi­li and A­man­da Gx­an­ga­ti say they ha­ve been o­pe­ra­ting at the pre­mi­ses wit­hout pro­per fa­ci­li­ties sin­ce 2016 and that not ha­ving the­se in pla­ce me­ant they couldn’t ap­ply for fun­ding, as toi­lets and run­ning wa­ter are a pre­re­qui­si­te to a­cqui­ring funds. Both ex­pres­sed their gra­ti­tu­de to Peg­gy and her spon­sors.

Liy­a­bo­na M­tu­se, one of the child­ren at the school des­cri­bed the new toi­lets as “very pret­ty”.

Peg­gy calls the ven­tu­re her “lo­ve pro­ject”. “We al­ways put so much pres­su­re on our child­ren, we want them to be smar­ter, but I think if we don’t cre­a­te a con­du­ci­ve en­vi­ron­ment for them to re­ach the full po­ten­ti­al we are fai­ling them, and for me this is w­he­re it be­gins.”

She says it would be im­pos­si­ble for her to as­sist her com­mu­ni­ty wit­hout part­ners­hips and spon­sors.

“I can ne­ver thank A­ma­zing A­fri­ca Tours for be­lie­ving in my vi­si­on and we should al­ways pull all stops for our child­ren – they are the fu­tu­re af­ter all.”

P­ho­tos: N­wa­bi­sa Pon­do­yi

Peg­gy D­lep­hu (midd­le) with te­a­chers A­man­da Gx­an­ga­ti (left) and Yo­lis­wa M­zi­li ce­le­bra­ting the ne­w­ly built fa­ci­li­ties at Sip­hun­cen­do pres­chool in Con­cor­dia.

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