Boy in bad sta­te af­ter e­lec­tri­cal ex­plo­si­on

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A 17-y­e­ar-old Horn­lee, Knys­na boy is re­co­ve­ring from se­ve­re burn wounds af­ter an e­lec­tri­cal box ex­plo­ded on Sun­day 30 Sep­tem­ber.

Yu­lin Da­vids was, ac­cor­ding to his mot­her Ca­rol, clo­sing the box that is a con­stant wor­ry for re­si­dents as the door is al­most per­ma­nent­ly o­pen. "We ha­ve re­por­ted it ma­ny ti­mes but no­thing is do­ne – the box is sup­po­sed to be loc­ked but it ne­ver is. W­hen the wind blows the door o­pens and shuts the w­ho­le ti­me. It is ne­ar a cre­che so re­si­dents ha­ve star­ted clo­sing it them­sel­ves," she said.

On this fa­te­ful day, it was ex­act­ly w­hat Yu­lin was doing – clo­sing the box as ma­ny re­si­dents ha­ve do­ne be­fo­re him. "And all of a sud­den it ex­plo­ded. My son caug­ht fi­re, but lucki­ly his friend (who was with him but un­har­med) u­sed a shirt to kill the fla­mes and broug­ht him ho­me. He was burnt very bad­ly and rus­hed to the Knys­na Hos­pi­tal. Now we are in Ge­or­ge w­he­re I am staying with him. At one point the­re was a chan­ce he would lo­se his arm," the trau­ma­ti­sed mot­her said, ad­ding that Yu­lin's in­ju­ries tur­ned out to be much wor­se than i­ni­ti­al­ly thoug­ht – he re­cei­ved burns to his rig­ht arm, chest and fa­ce.

On Tu­es­day 9 Oc­to­ber, Ca­rol said Yu­lin was a­bout to un­der­go a skin graft. On­ly af­ter this o­pe­ra­ti­on doc­tors would know if Yu­lin would re­gain full use of his arm, she ad­ded. Soccer star

Ca­rol al­so ex­plai­ned how Yu­lin lo­ves soccer so much that he ne­ver mis­ses a ga­me at his school and club w­he­re he plays, and that he has al­so re­cei­ved an a­ward from coun­cil­lor Do­no­van Po­f­ad­der in re­cog­ni­ti­on of his skills.

Knys­na at­tor­ney Daan Derck­sen con­fir­med that he has re­cei­ved in­structi­ons from Yu­lin's mot­her to fi­le a da­ma­ges claim. "The ap­pro­pri­a­te sta­tu­to­ry no­ti­ce to kick off the claim will be ser­ved on the mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty short­ly," Derck­sen said.

Que­ries re­gar­ding the e­lec­tri­cal box and the pen­ding claim a­gainst it we­re sent to Knys­na Mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty, who con­fir­med that it had re­cei­ved re­ports of the in­ci­dent and that the ci­r­cum­stan­ces a­round it are being in­ves­ti­ga­ted. "The mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty can­not stress e­nough that tam­pe­ring with the­se boxes is not on­ly il­le­gal, but the con­se­quen­ces can be li­fe-thre­a­tening," it sta­ted, ad­ding that it ma­kes e­very ef­fort to en­s­u­re that mi­ni-sub­sta­ti­ons are loc­ked and se­cu­red. "Ho­we­ver, we are still fa­ced with the c­hal­len­ge of pe­op­le bre­a­king in­to the sub­sta­ti­on. We ask re­si­dents to re­port any sus­pi­ci­ous incidents to Law En­for­ce­ment or the po­li­ce," the sta­te­ment said.

Yu­lin Da­vids is as­sis­ted by a nur­se at the Ge­or­ge Hos­pi­tal.

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