A choir fest that set he­arts ra­cing

Knysna-Plett Herald - - Letters | Briewe - John K­no­w­les, Knys­na:

Last Sa­tur­day I was lucky and pri­vi­le­ged to go to a bril­li­ant first e­vent for Knys­na.

The e­ver-in­no­va­ti­ve Knys­na Ro­ta­ry Club who rai­ses ma­ny, ma­ny thou­sands an­nu­al­ly for cha­ri­ty and Knys­na, had or­ga­ni­sed a Schools Choir Fe­s­ti­val at Con­cor­dia P­ri­ma­ry S­chool which tur­ned out to be so­me­thing that we who li­ve do­wn­town had ne­ver ex­pe­rien­ced be­fo­re: eig­ht schools we­re re­pre­sen­ted and up to 50 young­sters on sta­ge at any one ti­me sang and dan­ced their he­arts out, all dres­sed in ma­t­ching s­chool u­ni­forms – and w­hat con­fi­den­ce, w­hat strong voi­ces and w­hat sy­n­chro­ni­sa­ti­on with their mo­vements. It was so­me­thing to get the he­art ra­cing and the fi­na­le w­hen all the choirs gat­he­red to­get­her on sta­ge to sing the na­ti­o­nal ant­hem was very e­mo­ti­o­nal. The sets by Per­cy M­da­la and Con­cor­dia schools we­re very spe­ci­al. And all this in litt­le old Knys­na!

In my o­pi­ni­on the Cel­tic Fe­s­ti­val is the be­st e­vent in Knys­na but this ran it very c­lo­se! If the­se child­ren are the fu­tu­re of this to­wn, and they are, we should be proud and con­fi­dent that we are in good hands.

Let us ho­pe that the or­ga­ni­ser Jo­an Hus­kis­son and her te­am ma­ke it an an­nu­al e­vent, and if it is, don’t miss it next y­e­ar!

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