S­mi­ling through the mi­s­for­tu­ne

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The fa­ce be­hind the in­spi­ra­ti­o­nal hashtag on so­ci­al me­dia #thes­mi­le­chal­len­ge is so much mo­re than w­hat you ex­pect it to be.

The i­dea was for­mu­la­ted af­ter the Ju­ne 2017 fi­res by 22-y­e­ar-old Kay­la Ferreira, a Sed­ge­field lo­cal who speaks pas­si­o­na­te­ly of the con­cept that has sin­ce at­trac­ted hund­reds of fol­lo­wers on Fa­ce­book and In­sta­gram, as well as in­spi­red ma­ny mo­re li­ves.

She ex­plains that the slo­gan “Be the re­a­son so­meo­ne smi­les to­day”, is in­ten­ded to mo­ti­va­te pe­op­le to get mo­re in­vol­ved with one a­not­her through the com­mon lan­gua­ge of s­mi­ling, hap­pi­ness and kind­ness.

“I felt, let’s show the youth and pe­op­le how we can use so­ci­al me­dia po­si­ti­ve­ly be­cau­se through the fi­res we all saw w­hat gre­at im­pact so­ci­al me­dia had,” says Ferreira.

The i­ni­ti­a­ti­ve con­sis­ts of a se­ries of com­pe­ti­ti­ons w­he­re pe­op­le cap­tu­re them­sel­ves or their com­pa­ny doing an act of kind­ness or ma­king ot­hers smi­le for spon­so­red pri­zes.

“U­sing t­his con­cept I ha­ve cre­a­ted op­por­tu­ni­ties through com­pe­ti­ti­ons for com­pa­nies and small bu­si­nes­ses who would li­ke to get in­vol­ved with a spe­ci­fic com­pe­ti­ti­on, to spon­sor pri­zes for the win­ners of a spe­ci­fic c­hal­len­ge and al­so ma­ke ot­hers smi­le.” ‘Mar­ke­ting ex­po­su­re’

“Or­ga­ni­sa­ti­ons and com­pa­nies can get mar­ke­ting ex­po­su­re for their cha­ri­ty e­vents in the Gar­den Rou­te and ot­her a­re­as,” she says.

The Sed­ge­field-born Ferreira did her p­ri­ma­ry school­ing at Sed­ge­field P­ri­ma­ry be­fo­re at­ten­ding Ou­te­ni­qua High S­chool w­he­re she ma­tri­cu­la­ted in 2015. She is now stu­dying to­wards a de­gree in foun­da­ti­on pha­se te­a­ching at the U­ni­ver­si­ty of the Free Sta­te.

“The i­dea has al­ways been c­lo­se to my he­art. It star­ted as a fun­drai­sing i­dea at u­ni­ver­si­ty but af­ter the fi­res it pro­gres­sed in­to so­mething much mo­re me­a­ning­ful. It’s not li­mi­ted to in­flu­en­cing lo­cal po­si­ti­ve c­han­ge, but it al­so chal­len­ges in­di­vi­du­als, com­pa­nies and e­ver­y­bo­dy out the­re to ma­ke a dif­fe­ren­ce in so­meo­ne’s li­fe, and be their re­a­son to smi­le.”

Fol­lo­wers are en­coura­ged to spre­ad the lo­ve and post vi­de­os and p­ho­tos of acts of kind­ness and the smi­le c­hal­len­ge on In­sta­gram and on Fa­ce­book, u­sing the hashtag #thes­mi­le­chal­len­ge. Find out mo­re

For mo­re in­for­ma­ti­on on how to get in­vol­ved, p­le­a­se e­mail kay­la.li­[email protected] gmail.com.

P­ho­to: Ya­seen Gaf­far

Through her so­ci­al me­dia i­ni­ti­a­ti­ve #thes­mi­le­chal­len­ge, Kay­la Ferreira en­coura­ges pe­op­le to spre­ad smi­les and hap­pi­ness – and win pri­zes in the pro­cess.

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