Be­st bet yet for a la­zy Sun­day af­ter­noon

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The c­hal­len­ge at the B­ren­ton Blue re­stau­rant was al­ways going to be how to ma­ke the e­a­tery look less ca­ver­nous. Well, it has ma­na­ged to o­ver­co­me the loop­ho­le just fi­ne by cle­ver­ly com­part­men­ta­li­sing the nooks and cran­nies in­to co­sy, mo­re in­ti­ma­te cor­ners. The eye-wi­de­ning view a­cross the vast, san­dy sweep up to Buf­fa­lo Bay is still the­re, and so is the all-en­com­pas­sing me­nu. But now the ve­nue has ad­ded the ge­ni­us of P­let­ten­berg Bay guit­ar ma­es­tro Ben Ba­den­horst as a sen­so­ry coup de gra­ce. His e­clectic cros­so­ver blend of A­fri­can, eas­tern and we­stern me­lo­dies with a spel­l­bin­ding self-com­po­sed back­drop, cre­a­tes the per­fect au­di­to­ry oint­ment for the bree­zy, sun-fil­led set­ting. Ho­pe­ful­ly he’ll be­co­me a mo­re per­ma­nent fix­tu­re but Ben will be the­re for one mo­re Sun­day (18 No­vem­ber) at le­ast. Ar­gua­bly one of the be­st bets for a la­zy se­a­si­de Sun­day af­ter­noon to be su­re. –

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Ben Ba­den­horst.

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