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No soo­n­er has acting mu­ni­ci­pal ma­na­ger John­ny Doug­las re­cei­ved a con­tract ex­ten­si­on for a­not­her three mont­hs, than que­s­ti­ons we­re being rai­sed as to the le­gi­ti­ma­cy the­re­of as well as if Doug­las is in­deed the be­st man for the job.

Ac­cor­ding to mu­ni­ci­pal le­gis­la­ti­on, be­fo­re Doug­las can be of­fe­red a con­tract ex­ten­si­on, the mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty has to sub­mit t­his re­quest to the MEC for lo­cal go­vern­ment. On­ly on­ce the MEC has ap­pro­ved t­his, can coun­cil re­sol­ve to of­fer Doug­las such ex­ten­si­on. W­hen as­ked to cla­ri­fy the ap­point­ment, MEC An­ton B­re­dell’s of­fi­ce sta­ted that the ma­yor in­for­med B­re­dell on 2 No­vem­ber of the coun­cil re­so­lu­ti­on see­king to ex­tend the pe­ri­od for Doug­las to act as mu­ni­ci­pal ma­na­ger from 8 No­vem­ber 2018 to 31 Ja­nu­a­ry 2019 (or until a mu­ni­ci­pal ma­na­ger is ap­poin­ted, whi­che­v­er co­mes first). “As t­his is per­mis­si­ble, the MEC is con­si­de­ring such an ex­ten­si­on, mind­ful of all le­gal re­qui­re­ments,” re­ads the sta­te­ment from B­re­dell’s of­fi­ce.

But whi­le so­me pe­op­le re­main in­sis­tent that Doug­las is the rig­ht man to ma­na­ge the to­wn whi­le the fi­nal stamp of ap­pro­val is un­der con­si­de­ra­ti­on, ot­hers ha­ve high­lig­h­ted his rat­her roc­ky re­cord of mis­haps. Au­di­tor Ge­ne­ral’s re­port: The Au­di­tor Ge­ne­rals re­port of

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