An ad­ded di­men­si­on to stu­dent art

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Knys­na Mon­tes­so­ri’s 2018 ma­tric vi­su­al arts le­ar­ners pro­du­ced in­te­res­ting and ex­ci­ting work in re­spon­se to their y­e­ar-work the­mes, as well as to the IEB fi­nal practi­cal ex­am the­me “Out­si­de the Cen­t­re”, thro­wing mo­dern techno­lo­gy in­to their cre­a­ti­ve mix.

Si­mo­ne Chris­ti­an cre­a­ted in­te­racti­ve art­works by u­sing an app that vie­wers could do­wn­lo­ad to turn her dra­wings in­to co­lour­ful a­ni­ma­ti­ons; Mo­ne­ne Mo­ti­me­le”s mul­ti­me­dia art­work Pet­si le Na­ri part 2 de­picts a­ni­mals as­so­ci­a­ted with her fa­mi­ly’s tra­di­ti­o­nal cul­tu­re; and Ni­ki Mor­ta­za­vi u­sed di­gi­tal sculp­ting on a pro­gram­me cal­led z­brush to cre­a­te her i­ma­ge from a vir­tu­al ball of clay, which was then di­gi­tal­ly prin­ted.

Mo­ne­ne Mo­ti­me­le”s mul­ti­me­dia art­work de­picting a­ni­mals as­so­ci­a­ted with her fa­mi­ly’s tra­di­ti­o­nal cul­tu­re.

A di­gi­tal sculp­tu­re by Ni­ki Mor­ta­za­vi.

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