Hund­reds at fu­ne­ral to ho­nour Far­leigh victims

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Hund­reds of pe­op­le at­ten­ded the fu­ne­ral of the eig­ht victims of re­cent fi­res at Far­leigh ne­ar Ka­ra­ta­ra.

The fire rip­ped through the fo­re­stry sett­le­ment, kil­ling two wo­men and six c­hild­ren. Se­ven of the victims we­re from the Oelf fa­mi­ly. T­hey we­re 42-y­e­ar-old El­sa­be Wind­vo­gel, her 12-y­e­ar-old daug­h­ter El­ja­de and two-y­e­ar-old son Et­han. Her four nie­ces, fi­ve-y­e­ar-old Na­la­ya, three-y­e­ar-old Ni­ah, 13-month-old A­liya and 11-mont­hold Na­la­ni Oelf, al­so pe­ris­hed in the fire. Na­la­ni’s mot­her, the 21-y­e­ar-old And­rea Be­wee, who was preg­nant at the ti­me, al­so died in the fire. The fu­ne­ral was fun­ded by San­parks, Knys­na Mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty, the fa­mi­ly’s em­ploy­ers and ot­her or­ga­ni­sa­ti­ons.

Gar­den Rou­te Na­ti­o­nal Park ma­na­ger Pad­dy Gor­don said, “San­parks are doing their be­st to get trau­ma coun­sel­ling and sett­le­ment for the­se pe­op­le on a s­hort, me­di­um and long term. A lot of in­ves­ti­ga­ti­ons are ta­king pla­ce, wor­king with the fa­mi­lies, wor­king with aut­ho­ri­ties to ma­ke su­re that we do the be­st to re­sett­le and re­group the com­mu­ni­ty.” –

P­ho­to: Sphi­we Ho­ba­si

Hund­reds of pe­op­le at­ten­ded the fu­ne­ral on Sun­day last wee­kend of the victims who lost their li­ves in the re­cent fi­res.

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