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Ag no, not a­gain! was the col­lecti­ve cry that went up from Knys­na – as it did in the rest of the coun­try – w­hen, li­ke a cre­a­tu­re in a zom­bie mo­vie, the ugly he­ad of lo­ad shed­ding re­a­red its hor­ri­ble he­ad a­gain t­his wee­kend wit­hout any pri­or war­ning.

As it did in the nas­ty old Zu­ma days, po­wer al­ong the Gar­den Rou­te went off sud­den­ly and cau­sed ma­ny a spoi­led Sun­day lunch for ne­ar­ly two hours on Sun­day 18 No­vem­ber. As u­su­al, any que­s­ti­ons to E­s­kom a­bout the length of the blackout was met with mo­re un­cer­tain­ty.

E­ven Knys­na Mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty said on Sun­day, on­ce lo­ad shed­ding had al­re­a­dy com­men­ced, “Should t­hey (E­s­kom) ha­ve in­for­med us ti­me­ous­ly through the pro­per chan­nels, we most cer­tain­ly would ha­ve in­for­med all Knys­na re­si­dents ac­cor­dingly.”

The s­ta­te-o­w­ned u­ti­li­ty pro­vi­der im­ple­men­ted sta­ge 1 lo­ad shed­ding from 12:15 on Sun­day, which was sup­po­sed to last until 22:00, but ac­cor­ding to a sta­te­ment re­le­a­sed la­ter that day it was can­cel­led as from 19:00, “as we ma­de suf­fi­cient pro­gress with re­gard to the e­mer­gen­cy re­ser­ves”, the press re­le­a­se re­ad.

T­his is e­ven though the ac­tu­al outa­ge ti­me in Knys­na and P­lett tur­ned out to be on­ly until a­bout 14:30.

‘Not ru­led out for De­cem­ber’

Ar­nold Se­ga­wa of Mo­ne­y­web wro­te on Mon­day 19 No­vem­ber that du­ring a s­ta­te-oft­he-sy­stem brie­fing on F­ri­day 16 No­vem­ber, E­s­kom war­ned that lo­ad shed­ding can­not be ru­led out t­his De­cem­ber, thanks to dwind­ling co­al stock­pi­les.

“It is cru­ci­al that I in­form you that lo­ad shed­ding can­not be ru­led out for the re­mai­ning part of the y­e­ar and we re­quest South A­fri­cans to use e­lec­tri­ci­ty spar­se­ly es­pe­ci­al­ly du­ring the peak ti­mes,” said E­s­kom CEO P­ha­ka­ma­ni Ha­de­be du­ring the brie­fing.

Nu­me­rous fruit­less calls to the E­s­kom “me­dia desk” on Mon­day, by KPH, yiel­ded no furt­her cla­ri­ty on fu­tu­re plan­ned lo­ad shed­ding, or w­het­her t­he­re was any lo­ad shed­ding to co­me.

Ac­cor­ding to the E­s­kom lo­ad shed­ding web pa­ge, it is cur­rent­ly “not lo­ad shed­ding”, alt­hough t­he­re is a sche­du­le a­vai­la­ble, which re­a­ders can find be­low, plan­ned out until Mon­day 17 De­cem­ber. (Vi­sit lo­ads­hed­ding. e­s­kom.co.za for a­vai­la­ble sche­du­les.)

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