P­lett, Knys­na e­sta­tes ran­ked in SA top 10

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P­let­ten­berg Bay and Knys­na ha­ve be­co­me pre­mier ho­li­day des­ti­na­ti­ons o­ver the y­e­ars, but the co­as­tal ho­li­day towns now bo­ast a­not­her fe­at­her in their cap af­ter an an­noun­ce­ment t­his week that t­hey are al­so ho­me to so­me of the coun­try’s top re­si­den­ti­al e­sta­tes.

The an­noun­ce­ment was ma­de by New Wor­ld We­alth (NWW) af­ter ex­ten­si­ve re­se­arch in­to the sub­ject.

O­ver the past y­e­ar, the NWW re­se­arch te­am vi­si­ted top-end re­si­den­ti­al e­sta­tes a­cross the coun­try to com­pi­le the re­port, and the ra­ting cri­te­ria in­clu­ded views, sce­ne­ry and wild­li­fe; com­mu­nal gar­dens and parks; de­sign and spa­ce; main­te­nan­ce; lo­ca­ti­on; se­cu­ri­ty fe­a­tu­res; and acti­vi­ties and fa­ci­li­ties.

“Re­si­den­ti­al e­sta­te li­ving is on the ri­se, es­pe­ci­al­ly a­mong the mo­re af­flu­ent. We es­ti­ma­te that o­ver 40% of South A­fri­can high net-worth in­di­vi­du­als li­ve in or ha­ve ho­mes on re­si­den­ti­al e­sta­tes,” says SA re­al e­sta­te ad­vi­ser Ba­sil Wein­rich, who as­sis­ted in com­pi­ling the ra­tings.

‘Im­pres­si­ve views and sce­ne­ry’

Ma­king the top 10 list is Pe­zu­la in Knys­na and W­ha­le­rock Rid­ge in P­let­ten­berg Bay. NWW re­se­ar­cher Andrew A­moils says it is Pe­zu­la’s “im­pres­si­ve views and sce­ne­ry” as well its top-qua­li­ty golf cour­se that gi­ves the e­sta­te its ed­ge. He adds that hou­se pri­ces in Pe­zu­la ran­ge be­t­ween R5-mil­li­on and R50mil­li­on and in­clu­de two sub-e­sta­tes – Pe­zu­la Golf E­sta­te and Pe­zu­la Pri­va­te E­sta­te.

The views from the 100ha W­ha­le­rock Rid­ge e­sta­te is a fac­tor that ma­kes it stand out, says A­moils, ad­ding, “The bottom ga­te of the e­sta­te is lo­ca­ted a­bout 100m from the be­ach,” A­moils says. Hou­se pri­ces on the e­sta­te ran­ge from R3-mil­li­on to R35-mil­li­on, he points out.

Ot­her e­sta­tes that ma­de it on­to the list in­clu­de Zim­ba­li ne­ar Bal­li­to, S­teyn Ci­ty lo­ca­ted ne­ar Bro­a­da­cres in Jo­han­nes­burg, Fan­court in Ge­or­ge, Wa­ter­fall E­ques­tri­an E­sta­te in Wa­ter­fall Ci­ty in Jo­han­nes­burg, At­lan­tic Be­ach be­t­ween Blou­berg and Melk­bos­strand in Ca­pe To­wn, Ara­bel­la on the Bot Ri­ver La­goon ne­ar Her­ma­nus, Val de Vie in the Paarl wi­ne­lands, and Blair At­holl ne­ar Lan­se­ria in Jo­han­nes­burg.

‘Top-end e­sta­tes out­per­form’

A­moils says alt­hough the re­si­den­ti­al mar­ket in South A­fri­ca has co­me un­der strain o­ver the past y­e­ar, ho­mes on top-end re­si­den­ti­al e­sta­tes ha­ve out­per­for­med the ge­ne­ral mar­ket.

“A­not­her t­rend is that a lar­ge num­ber of li­fe­sty­le and golf e­sta­tes ha­ve star­ted to add luxu­ry a­part­ments on­to their of­fe­rings. P­re­vi­ous­ly, most of them had fo­cu­sed on­ly on hou­ses.”

He furt­her says that e­sta­tes with ap­pe­a­ling parks, bi­rd­li­fe, walks and trails are be­co­ming mo­re po­pu­lar and that most de­ve­lo­pers are now cre­a­ting small neig­hbour­hoods within the e­sta­tes, as op­po­sed to the old mo­del w­he­re hou­ses are spa­ced e­ven­ly a­round the en­ti­re pro­per­ty. The new mo­del al­lows for mo­re park­land and o­pen spa­ces be­t­ween the neig­hbour­hoods.

“No­ta­bly, South A­fri­ca is one of the glo­bal pi­o­neers in re­si­den­ti­al e­sta­te li­ving. In fact, the on­ly coun­try with mo­re re­si­den­ti­al e­sta­tes than South A­fri­ca is the US, main­ly in the Flo­ri­da a­rea.”

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P­let­ten­berg Bay and Knys­na are ho­me to so­me of the coun­try’s top re­si­den­ti­al e­sta­tes ac­cor­ding to New Wor­ld We­alth. Ma­king the top 10 list is Pe­zu­la in Knys­na.

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