It’s rai­ning ba­bies at KPS

No fe­wer than fi­ve bund­les of joy in 2018 for s­chool’s staff mem­bers

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No-one would be sur­pri­sed if Knys­na P­ri­ma­ry S­chool chan­ged its na­me to S­tork’s Rest P­ri­ma­ry af­ter t­his ye­ar’s re­cord de­li­very of hug­ga­ble new bam­bi­nos. For, throug­hout the cour­se of 2018, in an ex­cep­ti­o­nal flou­rish of fer­ti­li­ty, no fe­wer than fi­ve em­ploy­ees (four pe­da­go­gues and a re­cep­ti­o­nist) ad­ded new mem­bers to their fa­mi­lies. And the ba­by sho­wer as it we­re, is not qui­te o­ver with a fresh new dum­pling ex­pected in the new ye­ar as well. Vi­ce prin­ci­pal Gi­na La­houd said she and prin­ci­pal Rob S­to­ker, the staff and le­ar­ners are al­ways ve­ry ex­ci­ted to he­ar that t­he­re is a­not­her litt­le ba­by on its way. “T­his is a s­chool w­he­re e­ver­yo­ne and e­ver­y­thing grows in a­bun­dan­ce,” she chuckled. “We’re al­ways stri­ving to mo­ve for­ward, and buil­ding on a next ge­ne­ra­ti­on is one way to do it!” One could say, the­se litt­le che­r­ubs we­re born to le­arn.

He­re­with a bre­ak­do­wn of the ar­ri­val da­tes of the ne­w­ly born nip­pers as t­hey ex­i­ted their co­sy ex-ha­bi­tat to greet their hos­ts and the big wi­de wor­ld out t­he­re.

Gra­de 6 te­a­cher Hen­nie Ni­gri­ni and Mar­né set the to­ne for the ye­ar w­hen their son Da­ni­ël was born on 10 January.

For re­cep­ti­o­nist Lau­ra-Ma­ri G­rie­sel and her hus­band Al­wyn, their son Jan­dré en­te­red their u­ni­ver­se on 9 Fe­bru­a­ry.

A daug­h­ter, A­ta­rah, ma­de her ap­pea­ran­ce on 10 A­pril for Lee S­mith (Gra­de 3 te­a­cher) and her hus­band T­ri­stan.

Then, on 21 Ju­ne, litt­le Li­sa Sophia was born to en­rich the li­ves of Gra­de 3 te­a­cher A­ni­ne S­to­ker and her hus­band Ga­reth.

And last but not le­ast, daug­h­ter An­naMay ma­de her way in­to the li­ves of re­me­di­al te­a­cher Mi­chel­le-May Kock and her hus­band Ni­cho­las, on 17 Ju­ly.

Pho­tos: Sup­p­lied

Lau­ra-Ma­ri G­rie­sel with her son Jan­dré.

Lee S­mith and her daug­h­ter A­ta­rah.

A­ni­ne S­to­ker with Li­sa Sophia.

Mi­chel­le-May Kock with An­na-May.

Hen­nie Ni­gri­ni and his son Da­ni­ël.

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