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Knysna­ri­ans can pre­pa­re for a mu­si­cal tre­at as the Blu­es Broers are set to rock their socks off t­his wee­kend.

Sin­ce the launch of their se­venth al­bum In­to the Red in 2014, the Blu­es Broers per­for­med at the Stan­dard Bank Jazz Fe­s­ti­val in Gra­ham­stown, ap­pea­red on ma­jor TV net­works, pro­du­ced a sold-out s­how at P­re­to­ria’s At­ter­bu­ry T­he­a­t­re, and fe­a­tu­red on the Dur­ban In­ter­na­ti­o­nal Blu­es Fe­s­ti­val, the Ta­ble Moun­tain Blu­es Sum­mit and at the Up the C­reek fe­s­ti­val. T­hey fe­a­tu­re at bou­ti­que e­vents w­he­re t­hey sho­w­ca­se their skills, per­for­ming a se­lecti­on from their we­alth of o­ri­gi­nal and stan­dard tu­nes.

De­ca­des ago the mu­si­cal lands­ca­pe was ve­ry dif­fe­rent. The Blu­es Broers star­ted out playing in Ca­pe To­wn’s see­dier clubs and bars.

Ve­nues li­ke The F­rin­ge and the ap­pro­pri­a­te­ly na­med S­mo­ke­hou­se (so­me nig­hts you could ba­re­ly see the sta­ge through the blue ha­ze of ci­ga­ret­te smo­ke) are long go­ne, but the band ex­pan­ded its au­dien­ce by dri­ving long hours to towns furt­her a­field.

It was a­round t­his time that t­hey ad­ded their “S­kif­fle set” to the s­how. S­kif­fle is mu­sic play­ed on ho­me­ma­de in­stru­ments, such as a tea-chest bass or tin washbo­ard and it’s still an im­por­tant part of the band’s per­for­man­ce.

Broug­ht back to­get­her

Co­as­tal tou­rs, al­bum re­le­a­ses and rock fes­ti­vals fol­lo­wed, but in 1999 the band lost drum­mer, ma­na­ger and Al­bert Frost’s fat­her Frank to can­cer.

It was a blow t­hey st­rug­gled to re­co­ver from and e­ven­tu­al­ly the Blu­es Broers an­noun­ced that t­hey we­re cal­ling it a day. In 2006 t­hey held a fi­nal s­how at the Hid­den Cel­lar in S­tel­len­bosch.

The band was broug­ht back to­get­her by po­pu­lar de­mand for a reu­ni­on gig in 2009 and t­hey soon star­ted wri­ting son­gs that would fe­a­tu­re on their 2011 CD re­le­a­se Out of the Blue.

Bas­son Laub­scher, well kno­wn for his guit­ar work with the Va­li­ant Swart Band, Zink­plaat and ma­ny ot­her lo­cal acts, joi­ned the Blu­es Broers in 2016 af­ter Al­bert Frost, long-time guit­a­rist, left the band at the end of 2015 to pur­sue his so­lo ca­reer.

Says Bas­son: “I u­sed to sne­ak out from Paul Roos bo­ar­ding s­chool on wee­kends to ca­tch the Blu­es Broers at the Ak­ker (now the Hid­den Cel­lar). I can’t be­lie­ve I now play with them!”

The Blu­es Broers are:

Rob Na­gel: Har­mo­ni­ca, bass, vo­cals Si­mon Oran­ge: Key­bo­ards, tea-chest bass, vo­cals

Bas­son Laub­scher: Guit­ars, vo­cals Ni­co Lub­be: Drums, washbo­ard

S­how time!

See them li­ve at Red B­rid­ge B­re­we­ry t­his F­ri­day 30 No­vem­ber at 19:00. Tic­kets R150 via Quic­ket, Rl80 at the door, if a­vai­la­ble.

Book­ing in­fo: Jackie 084 587 6665 or [email protected]­ter­li­

P­ho­to: Sup­p­lied

The Blu­es Broers are Rob Na­gel on har­mo­ni­ca, bass and vo­cals; Si­mon Oran­ge on key­bo­ards, tea-chest bass and vo­cals; Bas­son Laub­scher on guit­ars and vo­cals; and Ni­co Lub­be on the drums and washbo­ard.

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