Ra­ge, ra­ge a­gainst the dazz­ling of the lig­hts – with a­po­lo­gies to Dy­lan T­ho­mas

Ex­ci­ted s­chool le­a­vers spend up to R10 000 for the P­let­ten­berg Bay stu­dent fes­ti­val week

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F­ree­dom co­mes at a pri­ce and qui­te a hef­ty one if you are a s­chool le­a­ver at­ten­ding the P­lett Ra­ge stu­dent fes­ti­val t­his ye­ar.

A quick sur­vey by Knys­na-P­lett He­rald t­his week re­vea­led that most stu­dents and pa­rents for­ked out be­t­ween R6 000 and R10 000 for the week-long fes­ti­val en­ding on 7 De­cem­ber. T­his in­clu­des tic­kets, tra­vel, ac­com­mo­da­ti­on, and food and drinks.

Whi­le it mig­ht sound steep, the pri­ce tag not on­ly in­clu­des per­for­man­ces by top ar­tis­ts and a tou­rism ex­pe­rien­ce in one of the coun­try’s pre­mier co­as­tal ho­li­day des­ti­na­ti­ons, but is al­so a mas­si­ve e­co­no­mic boost for P­lett, a to­wn that re­lies he­a­vi­ly on a se­a­so­nal in­flux of vi­si­tors.

Si­mi­lar spend o­ver y­e­ars

P­lett Ra­ge or­ga­ni­sers con­fir­med a si­mi­lar spend fol­lo­wing feed­back from stu­dents o­ver the y­e­ars, which sho­wed that e­ach per­son who at­tends the fes­ti­val spends be­t­ween R5 000 and R8 000 o­ver the fes­ti­val pe­ri­od on trans­port, ac­com­mo­da­ti­on, food and re­tail. T­his me­ans c­lo­se to R50-mil­li­on boost for the to­wn in just a week.

Aby S­wa­ne­poel (18) from P­re­to­ria said she paid R2 300 for ac­com­mo­da­ti­on, a­bout R2 000 for a fes­ti­val tic­ket, a­bout R1 000 for flig­hts plus bud­ge­ted a furt­her R2 000 for food and drinks. “It is all worth it. We ren­ted a hou­se as a group of friends and if you think a­bout it, it is R2 300 per per­son for the en­ti­re week, so that is not bad,” she said.

S­wa­ne­poel ad­ded that she was thank­ful that her pa­rents co­ve­r­ed most of the cos­ts in­vol­ved.

Ca­ra van der Walt (18), who spent a si­mi­lar a­mount, said she had to sa­ve all her hard-e­ar­ned mo­ney to ma­ke the trip to P­let­ten­berg Bay.

Mat­thew John­ston (18) from Ge­or­ge said he had spent a­bout R2 000 on a Ra­ge tic­ket, but had to fork out mo­re for day­ti­me en­ter­tai­n­ment. “Ra­ge stu­dents pay R50 a day for en­tran­ce to the be­ach ve­nue, Bi­ki­ni Be­ach, whi­le ot­her stu­dents wit­hout tic­kets ha­ve to fork out R150 per day,” John­ston said. T­his he said was an ad­di­ti­o­nal R350 for the week.

Sa­ving on tra­vel cos­ts

He ad­ded that he was lucky to li­ve c­lo­se by, so he sa­ved on tra­vel cos­ts and al­so pac­ked e­nough food from ho­me to last him the week.

E­rin Eras­mus (18) said alt­hough they we­re lucky e­nough to get free ac­com­mo­da­ti­on from a lo­cal friend, her Ra­ge tic­ket cost R3 200. She and a few friends dro­ve from Ca­pe To­wn and split the tra­vel cos­ts,

ex­pected to co­me to R600 per per­son re­turn. She ad­ded that food and drinks cost them a­bout R400 a day, to­tal­ling a­bout R3 000 for the week.

Nien­ke Gel­den­huys (18) from Ca­pe To­wn said whi­le it was dif­fi­cult to part with so much mo­ney, it was te­a­ching them a li­fe les­son.

“We are ta­king our first steps to in­de­pen­den­ce. We ha­ve to look af­ter our­sel­ves for a week and ma­ke su­re we spend our mo­ney wi­se­ly. It is so­mew­hat of a c­hal­len­ge, but still a won­der­ful ex­pe­rien­ce,” she said.

One of the most ex­ci­ting new as­pects of t­his ye­ar’s P­lett Ra­ge, said or­ga­ni­sers, was the de­cor and lar­ge num­ber of art­works made es­pe­ci­al­ly for the fes­ti­val, as well as a par­ty that stu­dents could at­tend by in­vi­te on­ly.

In terms of the art­work, P­lett Ra­ge spo­kes­per­son Ash­ley Bro­wn com­men­ted, “One is an art pie­ce of blue pe­trel bi­rds built by Mouth2Mouth from re­cy­cled plas­ti­cs. The­se bi­rds are highly af­fected by pol­lu­ti­on and our go­al with the­se ty­pes of in­stal­la­ti­ons is to shed lig­ht on is­su­es that we be­lie­ve should be ad­dres­sed by the fu­tu­re le­a­ders of South A­fri­ca – the youth.”

In­vi­te-on­ly par­ty

He ad­ded that a­not­her new ad­di­ti­on is an ex­clu­si­ve, in­vi­te-on­ly par­ty cal­led The Oa­sis hos­ted at Grand A­fri­ca Rooms & Ren­dez­vous in the to­wn’s Main S­treet, li­mi­ted to 200 pe­op­le a day in a three-part se­ries, al­lo­wing for a to­tal of 600 lucky P­lett Ra­gers.

On the en­ter­tai­n­ment front, or­ga­ni­sers put to­get­her a va­ri­e­ty of acti­vi­ties in­clu­ding per­for­man­ces by so­me of South A­fri­ca’s top mu­sic acts as well as VIP par­ties and ot­her en­ter­tai­n­ment, ta­king pla­ce du­ring the day at w­hat is being cal­led Bi­ki­ni Be­ach just off the to­wn’s Cen­tral Be­ach and at nig­ht at the out­door fes­ti­val grounds dub­bed CoCo Val­ley just out­si­de to­wn.

Kee­ping young­sters sa­fe

A de­tailed sa­fe­ty plan put in pla­ce in­vol­ves the coope­ra­ti­on be­t­ween po­li­ce, lo­cal law en­for­ce­ment, lo­cal and pro­vin­ci­al traf­fic de­part­ments, pri­va­te se­cu­ri­ty com­pa­nies, the P­let­ten­berg Bay C­ri­me P­re­ven­ti­on As­so­ci­a­ti­on (PBCPA), lo­cal neig­hbour­hood wa­tch groups and vo­lun­teers.

PBCPA chair Bru­ce Ri­chard­son said so­me of the high­lig­hts of the sa­fe­ty plan in­clu­de po­li­ce sup­port from out­si­de of P­let­ten­berg Bay in­clu­ding spe­ci­a­list u­nits from Ge­or­ge.

Find out mo­re

For mo­re in­for­ma­ti­on on their sa­fe­ty and se­cu­ri­ty me­a­su­res vi­sit https://plet­tra­ge. co.za/2018im­por­tan­tin­for­ma­ti­on.

P­ho­to: Sup­p­lied

P­lett Ra­gers ha­ve been in full par­ty mo­de sin­ce F­ri­day 30 No­vem­ber. See mo­re pho­tos at www.knys­na­pletthe­rald.com

Pho­tos: E­wald S­tan­der

From left: Mat­thew La­zen­by (21), Nat­han van Muyl­wyk (21), Arusha van As­sen (19), Z­han­te van Muyl­wyk (18), Kel­lie Tink­hof (18) and Da­niel Cloe­te (21) – all from Jo­han­nes­burg – en­joy­ed so­me be­ach ga­mes be­fo­re the of­fi­ci­al P­lett Ra­ge en­ter­tai­n­ment got un­der way.

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