Ra­ge is a blast, says ra­ging Ra­gers

Half­way through the an­nu­al P­lett Ra­ge, young­sters ha­ve dub­bed the stu­dent fes­ti­val a re­soun­ding success so far. Du­ring a snap sur­vey by Yo­lan­de S­tan­der, s­chool le­a­vers ra­ted the en­ter­tai­n­ment and the P­lett at­mos­p­he­re at the top of their list of po­si­ti­ves.

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Aby S­wa­ne­poel (18), P­re­to­ria:

“We are ha­ving the ti­me of our li­ves. Or­ga­ni­sers ha­ve re­al­ly made su­re that the en­ter­tai­n­ment is top notch. The P­lett com­mu­ni­ty has al­so made us feel sa­fe.”

Jan­ke Ma­ree (18), Berg­sig:

“Whi­le we are ha­ving a won­der­ful ti­me and feel qui­te sa­fe, it is qui­te an ex­pen­si­ve trip. Ot­her than that, the vi­be is gre­at and so is the en­ter­tai­n­ment.”

Ca­ra van der Walt (18), P­re­to­ria:

“E­ver­y­thing has been won­der­ful so far. We’ve had a bit of an is­sue with the nig­ht­ti­me trans­port to the main ve­nue. We are not sup­po­sed to pay for trans­port on of­fi­ci­al ve­hi­cles, yet so­me dri­vers are ta­king chan­ces and de­man­ding mo­ney. Ot­her than that, we are ha­ving a ball.”

La­wren­ce Borthwick (18), Ca­pe To­wn:

“The fes­ti­val is off the hook! I can­not put in words how won­der­ful the ex­pe­rien­ce has been so far.”

Di­van van der West­hui­zen (18), Ca­pe To­wn:

“I’m ha­ving the best ti­me. The mu­sic is fan­tas­tic and the e­vent is very well or­ga­ni­sed. We can’t wait to vi­sit P­lett a­gain.”

Na­dia Zon­die (18), Ca­pe To­wn:

“The best part of P­lett Ra­ge is spen­ding ti­me with gre­at friends and en­joying our ne­w­ly a­cqui­red f­ree­dom.”

E­rin Eras­mus (18), Ca­pe To­wn:

“P­lett Ra­ge is fan­tas­tic and the en­ter­tai­n­ment is much bet­ter than a­ny­thing we can get in Ca­pe To­wn. It re­al­ly is an a­ma­zing ex­pe­rien­ce. It does cost qui­te a bit to en­joy t­his week in P­lett, though.”

Nien­ke Gel­den­huys (18), Ca­pe To­wn:

“P­lett Ra­ge is tru­ly a won­der­ful ex­pe­rien­ce, not on­ly from an en­ter­tai­n­ment per­specti­ve but al­so in terms of ta­king our first steps to in­de­pen­den­ce. We ha­ve to look af­ter our­sel­ves for a week and ma­ke su­re we spend our mo­ney wi­se­ly. It is so­mew­hat of a c­hal­len­ge, but still a won­der­ful ex­pe­rien­ce.”

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