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Two se­ni­or ci­ti­zens of Knys­na ha­ve pro­du­ced the most u­se­ful a­pron in the his­to­ry of kit­chens in Knys­na. It works just li­ke any ot­her a­pron, but al­so has the u­se­ful me­tric ta­ble prin­ted on the front. It ma­kes for e­a­sy me­a­su­re­ments w­hen cook­ing and baking – per­fect for a­nyo­ne who lo­ves to cook or ba­ke.

“It star­ted as a dre­am I had three y­e­ars ago,” re­calls Gu­drun Cox, one of the “in­ven­tors” of the a­pron. “It’s been wor­king on my mind e­ver sin­ce,” ad­mits Cox, “and I re­al­ly wan­ted to ma­ke it a re­a­li­ty.”

Cox al­so star­ted the Knys­na Net­wor­king group, w­he­re lo­cals get to­get­her to meet and net­work. It is through t­his forum that Cox met Hi­la­ry Blo­we, a se­am­stress who shared the sa­me pas­si­on as Cox.

“I thoug­ht it was a won­der­ful i­dea. We play­ed a­round with the lo­ca­ti­on of the me­tric ta­ble and found the per­fect de­sign,” sta­tes Blo­we.

The first a­pron was pro­du­ced a­bout four mont­hs ago and has sin­ce be­co­me a “sen­sa­ti­on” in so­ci­al ci­r­cles all o­ver Knys­na, ac­cor­ding to them. Do­zens of hard­wor­king hou­se­wi­ves ha­ve pla­ced or­ders, as well as guest­hou­ses and re­stau­rants all o­ver Knys­na.

“It’s been such a hit, pe­op­le lo­ve the a­pron!” ex­claims Cox. A small bu­si­ness has e­mer­ged and it is apt­ly cal­led Had a Dre­am.

The po­si­ti­o­ning of the me­tric ta­ble al­lows for e­a­sy re­a­ding to en­s­u­re you ne­ver miss a me­a­su­re­ment. The a­pron is a­vai­la­ble in all co­lours and is sel­ling for R180.

Mo­re in­fo: 072 699 4174 / 060 771 4964

P­ho­to: Ya­seen Gaf­far

Hi­la­ry Blo­we and Gu­drun Cox are co­cre­a­tors of the me­tric chart a­pron, cal­led Had a Dre­am.

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