I­co­nic Wa­ter­front e­a­teries turn 21

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Two i­co­nic Wa­ter­front re­stau­rants in Knys­na, 34 South and Drydock, turn 21 t­his month.

The re­stau­rants are o­w­ned by lo­cal bu­si­nes­smen Leslie Pie­ters and C­har­les van Ton­der.

Pie­ters says the birt­hday ce­le­bra­ti­ons will ta­ke va­ri­ous forms. “T­he­re will be li­ve mu­sic at the Wa­ter­front, sig­ni­fi­cant dis­counts a­cross the bo­ard, as well as lucky draws with gre­at pri­zes such as wee­kend ge­ta­ways, w­ha­le wa­t­ching ex­pe­rien­ces and mo­re,” he says.

Look­ing back, Pie­ters re­mem­bers the e­ar­ly days: “Alt­hough it was cal­led the Wa­ter­front, t­he­re was no wa­ter. The har­bour and re­si­den­ti­al ca­nals we­re be­hind sche­du­le and we­re still being ex­ca­va­ted… A num­ber of shops o­pe­ned and clo­sed within a ye­ar or two… Lucki­ly ma­ny lo­cals soon saw the be­ne­fits for the to­wn and it be­ca­me a hu­ge success. We’ve had ma­ny mil­li­ons of vi­si­tors o­ver the past 21 y­e­ars.”

The success­ful part­ners­hip be­t­ween Pie­ters and Van Ton­der is al­so a ma­jor con­tri­bu­ting fac­tor. They ha­ve wor­ked to­get­her as part­ners and friends in nu­me­rous pro­jects sin­ce they joi­ned for­ces 21 y­e­ars ago. “We ha­ve been part of the gro­wth of Knys­na and we are thank­ful for the loy­al and won­der­ful folk of the to­wn who not on­ly sup­port us but al­so send their gue­sts to us. We, in turn, are pri­vi­le­ged to be a­ble to of­fer em­ploy­ment to a work­for­ce of 350 pe­op­le,” Pie­ters con­clu­des.

For de­tails of the ce­le­bra­ti­ons on 8 and 9 De­cem­ber, vi­sit Fa­ce­book/ Drydock Food Com­pa­ny and 34 De­grees South.

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Back from left: 34 South and Drydock di­rec­tors Leslie Pie­ters, Keith Da­vis, Andrew Kor­kie and C­har­les van Ton­der with four of their lon­ge­st­ser­ving staff mem­bers (front) Daphne Ma­re­qe, Lou­i­se Da­vids, S­han­nonLee S­mith and Col­leen Jan­tjies.

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