Day­lig­ht robbery at Crags

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A gang of ar­med men tar­ge­ted a Crags shop in bro­ad day­lig­ht on Tu­es­day, stab­bed a wo­man and fled with a lar­ge a­mount of mo­ney and ot­her va­lu­a­ble i­tems.

P­let­ten­berg Bay po­li­ce spo­kes­per­son Cap­tain Mar­le­ne Pie­ter­se said a pre­li­mi­na­ry in­ves­ti­ga­ti­on re­vea­led that a man had en­te­red the shop just be­fo­re 08:00 and pre­ten­ded to ask for so­mething.

“He ca­me o­ver be­hind the coun­ter, and was fol­lo­wed by fi­ve ot­her men. They clo­sed the door be­hind them, and de­man­ded mo­ney from the 43-ye­ar-old wo­man wor­king in the shop,” Pie­ter­se said. The wo­man was with a four-ye­ar-old gi­rl at the ti­me.

“The sus­pects shou­ted and pus­hed the wo­man a­round.”

Pie­ter­se said the sus­pects then o­pe­ned the cash re­gis­ter and took an un­dis­clo­sed a­mount mo­ney be­fo­re stab­bing the victim. She ad­ded that the men then poin­ted a fi­re­arm at the wo­man and de­man­ded mo­ney from the shop’s sa­fe.

“She took them to the backroom of the shop, and they took a lar­ge sum of mo­ney. They al­so took air­ti­me and ci­ga­ret­tes of an unkno­wn va­lue.” They al­so took a cel­lp­ho­ne and a ta­blet com­pu­ter.

“Two of the sus­pects then fled in a Toyo­ta Hi­lux bak­kie.

“The bak­kie was cha­sed by P­let­ten­berg Bay de­tecti­ves and c­ri­me p­re­ven­ti­on mem­bers of Knys­na. They ar­res­ted the sus­pects on ca­ses of bu­si­ness robbery and pos­ses­si­on of sto­len goods.”

The ot­her four sus­pects are still at lar­ge. The two men are set to ap­pear in the P­let­ten­berg Bay Ma­gi­stra­te’s Court t­his week.

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