Groen­vlei ‘strang­ler’ gets 20 y­e­ars’ pri­son

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The 43-ye­ar-old strang­ler of an 89-ye­ar-old Groen­vlei re­si­dent was sen­ten­ced to 20 y­e­ars’ im­pri­son­ment last month w­hen the at­tac­ker was found guil­ty of robbery with ag­gra­va­ting ci­r­cum­stan­ces in the Knys­na Re­gi­o­nal Court.

Ac­cor­ding to po­li­ce spo­kes­per­son Ser­ge­ant Chris S­pies, De­lisha

Han­sen – who at­tac­ked, strang­led, rob­bed and left 89-ye­ar-old Groen­vlei re­si­dent Ja­net Ren­dell for de­ad in her ho­me on 5 De­cem­ber

2017 – was sen­ten­ced on 2 No­vem­ber. Han­sen was ar­res­ted in mid-Ju­ly t­his ye­ar.

Knys­na s­ta­ti­on com­man­der Co­lo­nel At­well Me­tu con­g­ra­tu­la­ted the in­ves­ti­ga­ting of­fi­cers, com­men­ding them for con­ducting a tho­rough in­ves­ti­ga­ti­on. “We ho­pe t­his sen­ten­ce will ser­ve to de­ter tho­se would-be cri­mi­nals – c­ri­me does not pay,” Me­tu said.

Ren­dell re­lay­ed the sce­ne that play­ed it­self out to Knys­na-P­lett He­rald short­ly af­ter the at­tack. De­spi­te so­me brui­sing on her rib ca­ge, her one arm and her neck, she see­med as fit as a fi­dd­le du­ring the vi­sit.

Han­sen, who Ren­dell said ap­pea­red in her Groen­vlei ho­me “as if from thin air”, went straig­ht for her (Ren­dell’s) hand­bags the day of the at­tack, and wit­hout a word star­ted rum­ma­ging through it.

The fra­gi­le Ren­dell then grab­bed at so­me mo­ney the in­tru­der had ta­ken from a hand­bag, who then went straig­ht for Ren­dell’s neck. “She squee­zed har­der and har­der and star­ted backing me up to­ward the front door. I could hard­ly bre­at­he and my legs star­ted gi­ving way. At t­his point I had al­most col­lap­sed on­to the rug ne­ar my front door,” Ren­dell re­coun­ted at the ti­me. As the in­tru­der squee­zed tig­h­ter, Ren­dell’s “quick thin­king” kic­ked in. She said she thoug­ht her at­tac­ker was going to kill her for su­re, so Ren­dell “just went limp”, drop­ped her he­ad to one si­de and let her mouth hang o­pen a bit. “I pre­ten­ded to be de­ad,” said Ren­dell. Af­ter drag­ging Ren­dell’s see­mingly li­fe­less body to a ne­ar­by bathroom, Han­sen left with an un­dis­clo­sed a­mount of mo­ney.

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Ja­net Ren­dell was at­tac­ked in her ho­me and feig­ned de­ath to get her at­tac­ker to re­le­a­se her.

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