G­reen­wood Bay Col­le­ge: our ye­ar in s­port

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P­ri­ma­ry S­chool

T­his ye­ar has been a bu­sy and pro­ducti­ve ye­ar in the prep s­chool, with our o­ver­all s­port at­ten­dan­ce far sur­pas­sing last ye­ar’s num­bers throug­hout all of the gra­des. Our te­ams we­re a­ble to com­pe­te at a high le­vel a­cross the bo­ard in the lo­cal le­a­gues, bo­as­ting so­me lar­ge vic­to­ries, as well as no­ta­ble fi­nis­hes in the E­den dis­trict’s high-pro­fi­le tou­r­na­ments. So­me of the

2018 high­lig­hts in­clu­de our lar­ge­st-e­ver in­ter­hou­se athle­ti­cs day; the for­ma­ti­on of our in­ter­nal in­ter­hou­se le­a­gues; furt­her ex­pan­ding our highly success­ful ten­nis pro­gram­me; hi­ring two of P­let­ten­berg Bay’s most re­spected swim­ming co­a­ches to he­ad up our term 1 and 4 pro­gram­me; tou­ring to St Fran­cis Col­le­ge with our soccer, net­ball and hoc­key te­ams; as well as the in­tro­ducti­on of the S­cra­tch Golf pro­gram­me for the foun­da­ti­on pha­se and be­gin­ners’ rug­by pro­gram­me for the pre­pri­ma­ry. The ma­jor in­clu­si­on of our new mul­ti­pur­po­se Astro­turf has al­so al­lo­wed for our hoc­key and cricket pro­gram­mes to grow far beyond our ex­pec­ta­ti­ons, and will on­ly be­ne­fit our stu­dents, and com­mu­ni­ty, going for­ward.

Look­ing par­ti­cu­lar­ly strong t­his ye­ar: all ten­nis te­ams, U13 cricket, swim te­am and U13 net­ball. And las­t­ly, we are proud to bo­ast qui­te a few stu­dents who e­ar­ned their E­den and pro­vin­ci­al co­lours a­cross a host of spor­ting co­des.

High S­chool

Our high s­chool spor­ting pro­gram­me has pro­gres­sed in le­aps and bounds t­his ye­ar, with par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on num­bers gro­wing by mo­re than dou­ble from 2017.

T­his al­lo­wed us to do mo­re than just com­pe­te di­rect­ly with lar­ger and mo­re es­ta­blis­hed schools in the a­rea. Our fir­ste­ver high s­chool s­ports tour was to Port E­li­ze­beth in May, which was a par­ti­cu­lar high­lig­ht, w­he­re we saw our U16 soccer and net­ball te­ams re­turn with so­me fa­vou­ra­ble re­sults af­ter four days, but mo­re im­por­tant­ly, ma­ny me­mo­ries that will last a li­fe­ti­me.

A­not­her first was the hos­ting of our fi­ve-a-si­de in­terschool acti­on hoc­key fes­ti­val on our new mul­ti­pur­po­se Astro­turf, w­he­re six schools from a­round the E­den dis­trict, in­clu­ding our own, batt­led it out for top ho­nours. Next ye­ar looks set to be a­not­her gre­at ye­ar for our high s­chool s­port, w­he­re we will look to furt­her in­cre­a­se the par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on and num­ber of te­ams per s­port, num­ber of tou­r­na­ments we will host in the ye­ar and qua­li­ty of co­a­ching to bet­ter com­pe­te lo­cal­ly and furt­her al­ong the Gar­den Rou­te. S­ho­wing par­ti­cu­lar pro­mi­se t­his ye­ar, we­re the 1st te­am boys hoc­key, 1st te­am gi­rls net­ball, and 1st te­am soccer. Athle­ti­cs and MTB al­so saw us com­pe­ting at a high le­vel, with par­ti­cu­lar stu­dents ex­cel­ling beyond ex­pec­ta­ti­ons.

A­BO­VE: Hoc­key is a­li­ve and well at G­reen­wood Bay, with success­ful tou­rs and ma­t­ches, al­ong with big smi­les from par­ti­ci­pants.

LEFT: Soccer was al­so one of the spor­ting co­des that put G­reen­wood Bay Col­le­ge on the dis­trict’s map in 2018.

Pho­tos: Sup­p­lied

In 2018, G­reen­wood Bay Col­le­ge in­tro­du­ced a be­gin­ners’ rug­by pro­gram­me for the pre­pri­ma­ry tots.

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