S­treet the­a­t­re cam­paigns for 365 days of acti­vism

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For the national 16 Days of Acti­vism cam­paign a­gainst wo­men and c­hild a­bu­se that is held an­nu­al­ly from 25 No­vem­ber, The To­tal S­hut­do­wn (TTS) mo­vement in Knys­na part­ne­red with the SA Sta­te The­a­t­re to cre­a­te 365 Days of S­treet The­a­t­re a­gainst gen­der-ba­sed vi­o­len­ce, in an at­tempt to bring at­ten­ti­on to the need to ex­tend the 16 Days cam­paign to a ye­ar-round pri­o­ri­ty me­dia cru­sa­de.

The launch was on Sa­tur­day 1 De­cem­ber and TTS mem­bers and the pu­blic gat­he­red out­si­de Pick n Pay w­he­re they re-e­nacted a play by a­ward­win­ning dan­cer, cho­re­o­grap­her and de­pu­ty ar­tis­tic di­rec­tor of the Sta­te The­a­t­re, Ma­me­la Ny­am­za’s I Stand Cor­rected, which ex­plo­res cor­recti­ve ra­pe and re­counts the e­vents sur­roun­ding the mar­ria­ge of a queer, cross-con­ti­nen­tal, in­ter­ra­ci­al cou­ple and de­tails their fig­ht for the rig­ht to lo­ve e­ach ot­her as e­qual ci­ti­zens of de­mo­cra­cy.

Ear­lier t­his ye­ar, on 1 Au­gust, the TTS mo­vement sub­mit­ted a list cal­led 24 De­mands to pre­si­dent Cy­ril Ra­map­ho­sa, and du­ring the­se 16 Days of Acti­vism cam­paign they are high­lig­hting de­mand num­ber 23 on their list, which calls for a sus­tai­ned me­dia cam­paign for 365 days by all go­vern­ment de­part­ments led by the go­vern­ment’s com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on and in­for­ma­ti­on sy­stem.

Pe­op­le from the Gar­den Rou­te can look out for mo­re s­treet the­a­t­re and tho­se who wish to ta­ke part can con­tact Can­di­ce Lu­dick on 060 715 3607.

From left: Se­lo­ga­di Mam­pa­ne of The To­tal S­hut­do­wn, Ma­me­la Ny­am­za of South A­fri­can Sta­te The­a­t­re (SAST) and Can­di­ce Lu­dick al­so of TTS.

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