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Knys­na’s first ci­ti­zen for 2019 greets her new li­fe

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At a­bout 02:45 on the mor­ning of 1 Ja­nu­a­ry, whi­le most re­si­dents of the Gar­den Rou­te we­re still her­al­ding in the New Y­e­ar or bu­sy sleep­ing off the ef­fects of their e­ar­lier ce­le­bra­ti­ons, Knys­na wel­co­med its first new ci­ti­zen of the y­e­ar in­to the wor­ld at the pro­vin­ci­al hos­pi­tal, in the form of a litt­le ba­by gi­rl.

Ba­by Si­not­han­do was born to mom Por­tia No­rus­hu a few hours af­ter the clock struck 12, tip­ping the sca­les at 3.235kg. The litt­le New Y­e­ar’s bles­sing was a full 50cm in length.

Ac­cor­ding to the do­ting mot­her, who al­re­a­dy has three ot­her child­ren a­ged three, six and eig­ht y­e­ars old, she cho­se the na­me Si­not­han­do as it me­ans “we ha­ve lo­ve”. “My hus­band T­hem­bin­ko­si (N­tin­gi­la­ni) and I cho­se this na­me be­cau­se she is lo­ve, and we lo­ve her,” Por­tia said on 8 Ja­nu­a­ry with litt­le Si­not­han­do sound­ly a­sleep in her arms. Por­tia said the preg­nan­cy, in­clu­ding the day of the birth, was the ti­me of her li­fe e­ven the con­tracti­ons.

“And sin­ce then it has been a very smooth jour­ney,” she said, ad­ding jo­kingly that she will on­ly ha­ve to buy one pre­sent w­hen Chris­t­mas co­mes a­round. Si­not­han­do was one of 164 ba­bies born throug­hout the Wes­tern Ca­pe on the day, with 87 of them boys and 77 gi­rls, ac­cor­ding to a Wes­tern Ca­pe He­alth spo­kes­per­son.

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Por­tia No­rus­hu and her bund­le of joy Si­not­han­do.

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