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The re­ser­ves the rig­ht to wit­hhold or can­cel an ad­ver­ti­se­ment or­der that has been accep­ted.

accepts no li­a­bi­li­ty for fai­lu­re to pu­blish an ad­ver­ti­se­ment re­cei­ved by te­lep­ho­ne.

Knys­na-P­lett He­rald Knys­naP­lett

P­le­a­se re­port er­rors im­me­di­a­te­ly.

The accepts no re­spon­si­bi­li­ty for mo­re than one in­cor­rect in­ser­ti­on of any ad­ver­ti­se­ment or any cos­ts beyond the cos­ts of the spa­ce occu­pied by the er­ror. No re-pu­bli­ca­ti­on will be gi­ven be­cau­se of small typo­graphi­cal er­rors which do not les­sen the va­lue of the ad­ver­ti­se­ment.

Om te­leur­stel­ling te voor­kom en om te sorg dat u ad­ver­ten­sie wel op da­tum ver­skyn soos u ver­lang, be­spreek as­se­blief vroeg­ty­dig. Ge­klas­si­fi­seer­de klein ad­ver­ten­sies en Ver­toon­ad­ver­ten­sies 15h00 Dins­dae. Wet­ken­nis­ge­wings en Va­ka­tu­res 15h00 Dins­dae. Kan­sel­la­sies & Ve­ran­de­rin­ge 15h00 Dins­dae.

L.W. Klein Ad­ver­ten­sies is streng kon­tant. Sa­ke­li­sen­sies En­gels en A­fri­kaans R28,13 per ko­lom sen­ti­me­ter. Va­kan­te Be­trek­kings, Vei­lings en Va­ka­tu­res R28,13 per ko­lom sen­ti­me­ter. Boe­del Ken­nis­ge­wing:

7 cm x 2 ko­lom­me @ R659,10. Drank­li­sen­sie:

5 cm x 4 ko­lom­me @ R478,17.

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