He­re’s ho­ping that ho­pe will win

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We ho­pe the en­ti­re by­pass is­sue gets re­sol­ved.

An ex­tre­me­ly mer­ry new y­e­ar to you all and a sin­ce­re ho­pe that you ha­ve a bet­ter one than you had last y­e­ar.

And es­pe­ci­al­ly for all tho­se half-full bott­le folk who hold ho­pe de­ar, we ha­ve – af­ter ca­re­ful­ly con­si­de­ring the da­ta of an im­promp­tu ci­ti­zen's sur­vey – com­pi­led a spe­ci­al ho­pe list which we ho­pe e­ver­yo­ne mig­ht find re­le­vant.

We thus he­re­with ho­pe that in terms of 2019 you ex­press the ho­pe with us that:

● No wild­fi­res ig­ni­te our wor­ld and that if they do, pro­per sy­s­tems are in pla­ce to co­pe with them run by ca­pa­ble, ac­coun­ta­ble ex­perts.

● No-one, ab­so­lu­te­ly no-one, is kil­led or dies in the na­me of po­li­ti­cs on our sho­re this y­e­ar – or in fact e­ver a­gain.

● Our mu­ni­ci­pal aut­ho­ri­ties fer­ret out any sem­blan­ce of cor­ro­si­on, can­ker, de­cay and cor­rup­ti­on that mig­ht be re­pre­sen­ted in their midst and de­di­ca­te them­sel­ves to ser­ve the town in the pe­op­le's be­st in­te­re­sts wit­hout being con­ti­nu­ous­ly re­min­ded to do so.

● Tho­se re­spon­si­ble for the ad­van­ce­ment of tou­rism in Knys­na (w­hoe­ver it mig­ht be this week), per­haps fo­cus on w­hat u­sed to seem li­ke an ob­vi­ous as­pect or their port­fo­lio: the en­han­ce­ment of so-cal­led des­ti­na­ti­on mar­ke­ting. (The re­a­so­ning being that ho­li­day­ma­kers, bu­si­nes­spe­op­le, ska­te­bo­ard il­lus­tra­tors, mem­bers of the Nu­na­vik ig­loohou­sing com­mit­tee and Cen­tral A­fri­can Bam­ben­ga hun­ters a­li­ke, will on­ly be dra­wn he­re if it be­co­mes a char­ming litt­le co­as­tal ha­ven a­gain inste­ad of a cro­w­ded clus­ter of new malls.)

● That so­meo­ne so­mew­he­re co­me up with a re­li­a­ble and af­for­da­ble pu­blic trans­port sy­stem so that ci­ti­zens can ha­ve a few beers or glas­ses of wi­ne on their birt­hdays or daug­h­ters' 21st ce­le­bra­ti­ons in a pu­blic pla­ce wit­hout the fe­ar of being hu­mi­li­a­ted and spen­ding a nig­ht in jail (and that the wes­tern and e­as­tern si­des of town can on­ce mo­re be u­ni­ted li­ke Bu­da and Pest).

● The en­ti­re by­pass is­sue gets re­sol­ved by pro­ving the­re is na­ry a soul on the main ro­ad that still be­lie­ves com­mer­ce is en­han­ced by the jug­ger­naut of mul­ti­ple-w­heeled be­he­mot­hs thun­de­ring do­wn the town's p­ri­ma­ry ar­te­ry. And that it can be re­sol­ved sans the pro­po­sed tolls for lo­cal pe­op­le thanks e­ver so much.

● The old one can be dis­car­ded in its en­ti­re­ty and a brand new wa­ter pu­ri­fi­ca­ti­on sy­stem can be es­ta­blis­hed to curb harm­ful ef­flu­ent and ot­her yuckies from being dis­gor­ged in­to the es­tu­a­ry.

● That the Oys­ter Fe­s­ti­val be­co­mes a co­he­rent ce­le­bra­ti­on inste­ad of the rat­her con­fu­sing jum­ble of dis­pa­ra­te e­vents, that ma­ny pe­op­le accu­se it of being.

● A com­pro­mi­se can be found be­t­ween tho­se wis­hing to main­tain be­a­ches such as Buf­fa­lo Bay as the so­mew­hat som­bre, stoic en­cla­ve par­ti­cu­lar­ly con­du­ci­ve to Sun­day school pi­cni­cs that it cur­rent­ly is, and tho­se y­e­ar­ning to con­vert it in­to a per­ma­nent ra­ve par­ty.

● Hos­pi­ta­li­ty ve­nues on the Gar­den Rou­te in­sti­tu­te at le­ast so­me se­a­ting that one can le­an back on in the midst of the a­w­kward Yel­lows­to­ne Na­ti­o­nal Park-ty­pe pi­cnic ben­ches that so­mehow ha­ve co­me to do­mi­na­te that lands­ca­pe. The­re are ma­ny kid­die play­parks that would wel­co­me the ex­cess.

Yours ho­pe­ful­ly – KPH Ed

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